How to Reduce Weight? | Home Remedies to Reduce Weight

How to reduce weight and face weight and what are its home remedies, are described here. Weight is the measure of heaviness or mass present in a body. It can be defined as the force acting on the body due to gravity. In a daily life , you meet a lot of people and you discriminate them in your mind’s perspective according to their appearance, shape and size. A person having a Large shape and size , you assume him/her to have more weight and vice versa.

Weight is a factor which generally people try not to say others.  It’s a funny fact that people think  if they have more weight, they have done a great criminal offense. It is not like that. But, Yes, if you are over weight ,you are more prone to diseases. If the body weight of an individual is not maintained, then it resists him/her away from achieving each and every goal. More weight that is uncontrollable by an individual increases the sense of laziness in them and demotivates for every task.


Many individuals seek to reduce weight quickly. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, there are many solutions to reduce weight and lead a healthy life.

How to Reduce Weight?

Dieting is not the only way to reduce food rather less eating increases the signs of weakness in your body. But that doesn’t mean overeating is good.


So listed down are some points which you must follow to reduce weights:-

  • Proper diet which includes sufficient amount of proteins , vitamins, fats, etc. It doesnot mean dieting(eating less food).
  • Avoid hunger for a longer period of time as it will increase the bloating of your belly.
  • Exercise and meditation should be in your regular time table.
  • Avoid eating carbs and sugary foods.
  • Avoid drinking sugary fruit juices and alcohols.
  • Strength gaining exercises such as lifting weights must be done quite a number of times weekly.
  • Take enough rest which your body needs.
  • Track your weight daily and record your weight loss daily and make your strategies.

Way to Reduce Weight After Delivery Fastly

Generally after giving birth to babies, women reduces their weight significantly. But in some cases it may take a longer period to reduce weight and come back to the normal state as before pregnancy. After delivery women reduces almost half of their babies weight.

Are you worried about your weight still after giving birth? Don’t worry, Follow these simple regular steps to reduce weight fast after delivery:-

  • Intake proper meals and that too timely.
  • Never remain hungry and don’t eat less.
  • Avoid eating carbs in a large amount and prefer proteins, vitamins rich food.
  • Always get enough hydrated, It is safe and sound for a mother who recently became so.
  • Exercise regularly to an optimum level, it keeps you fit.
  • Get enough sleep and rest.
  • Avoid putting stress on your minds.

Natural Ways to Reduce Weight in 1 & 2 Weeks/ a Month/ 30 Days

Every overweight person dreams of losing weight quickly with less expenditure. Listed down are some of natural ways to reduce weight quickly:-

  • Exercise, yoga asanas and meditations regularly are must for reducing weight quickly.
  • Intake protein and vitamin rich diets.
  • Never remain hungry for a large period of time and avoid large amount of carbs.
  • Avoid drinking soft drinks and alcohols.
  • Control your desires for junk food and avoid them.
  • Eat more slowly as sometimes you eat more calories before you realize that it has crossed the limit.
  • Fats, oils and ghees must be replaced by coconut oil as it is very light and healthy.

Method to Reduce Weight Without Exercise

Many people want to reduce their weight easily without any diet control and hard exercises. There are many natural remedies and precautions to make out result from the above need.

To get success in the field of reducing weight without exercises and diet control, you are provided with these easy and simple steps:-

  • Intake large amount of protein rich foods as it helps in keeping your body safe and healthy.
  • Must follow proper food habits, such as chewing properly and for a long time, so that the food can be easily digested.
  • Prefer small plates while eating unhealthy foods, so that u will not intake large contents of those food.
  • Prefer more fibers and minerals and drink enough water, these things helps in proper digestion process.
  • Eliminate sugary foods from your diet and avoid intake of more carbs.
  • Avoid using electronic distractions at the time of eating.
  • Take enough sleep and avoid from being stressed.

Home Remedy to Reduce Face & Thigh Weight at Home

Many individuals seek for remedies to reduce their stored face fats .Enlisted down are some face exercises to remove fats from your face :-

  • Lift your chin up atleast for 50-100 times a day.
  • Pull your lips for some number of times a day.
  • Hold and release your jaw for about 20-30 times a day.
  • Stretch your face muscles .
  • Exercise by blowing in and out of air from your mouth, etc .

Similarly, you will be glad to know that there are certain home remedies to reduce your thigh weight:-

  • Must do cardio and strength training exercises regularly.
  • Must drink sufficient amount of water daily.
  • Intake more amount of anti-oxidants which helps in reducing the thigh weight for example coffee(it contains 19 anti-oxidants).
  • Massage your thigh using coconut oil regularly.
  • Yoga with different asanas giving stresses on thigh is useful for reducing thigh weight.

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