How to Reduce Anger and its causes are described here. Anger! Yeah, all must be aware of this term. Have you ever been angry? Yes, you must have been.

Anger is an emotional response to a situation that marks the feeling of displeasure and agitation. Anger is an emotional reaction that impacts the body. A person experiencing anger will also experience physical conditions, such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

But being angry isn’t good always. So below mentioned are some methods to reduce anger.

How to Reduce Anger?

There are many ways to control and reduce anger. Some of the methods are as follows:-

How to Reduce Anger

  • Understand the reason for your anger and analyze the situation.
  • Take inventory of your emotions.
  • Accept that anger can be a normal and healthy emotion.
  • Always engage in physical activity during chronic anger.
  • Take proper rest and get enough sleep at night.
  • Put together an anger management plan.
  • Show a doctor in case of mental health disorder.

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Control Emotions

To control emotions, you have to follow the following methods:

How to Reduce Anger: Control Emotions

  • Don’t react right away in a situation.
  • Always ask your elders for divine guidance.
  • Always find positive things from every situation and see a bigger picture of it.
  • Always try to forgive your emotional triggers.

What is Anger & Causes of Anger

Anger is an emotional response or a reaction generally given to a situation by an individual with the feeling of agitation and annoys. Anger can make a situation worse and can really result in violence. So high anger level in a person is not at all a good thing. And one must always analyze the situation and take the necessary steps before being angry without understanding anything.

Causes of anger are as follows:-

What is Anger?/ Causes of Anger

  • A misunderstanding between two persons or groups.
  • Being more stressed.
  • One’s opinion is not being accepted so there are clashes in opinions.
  • Higher and lower positions in every field.

Anger Management Exercises

Enlisted down are some exercises to manage anger in a person. The exercises are as follows:-

  • Physical exercise and simple workouts.
  • Reframing exercises with different body postures.

Anger Management Exercises

  • Deep breathing also helps in reducing anger and stress.

  • Progressive relaxation also helps in relieving stress, anger, and tension.

How to Control Anger with Kids?

Kids are the most valuable gifts to mankind. And their sweet faces make out day for any person. And anger in their face also seems to be very sweet. And parents generally get angry when their child does some mischief. But there are some ways to control anger with kids and are as follows:-

How to Control Anger with Kids?

  • Make the commitment not to lose it.
  • Expect that your child is going to push your buttons.
  • Prepare your child ahead of time.
  • Ask yourself ”What helped me in the past?”
  • Take a breath and advise your kid what is wrong and what is right.

Way to Control Anger and Stress in a Relationship

In a relationship, small quarrels and fights are common regarding some little views. So to control anger and stress in a relationship are as follows:-

Way to Control Anger and Stress in a Relationship

  • Always think before speaking.
  • Hold your breath and breathe hard.
  • Always express your feelings calmly.
  • Be aware of your anger warning signs.
  • Handle outside factors which increase your anger.
  • Focus on the present and forget all the past issues.
  • Offer forgiveness, as it is the best remedy for controlling anger and stress.