How to Reduce Swelling Naturally?

How to reduce swelling

How to Reduce Swelling and what are its home remedy, is described here. In the medical world, Swelling is an abnormal enlargement of a body part that is due to the collection of fluid in tissues and may or may not cause pain.

Swelling is usually not dangerous and can spread throughout the body or can be specified to a single organ. Generalized swelling( throughout the body) is common in overweight persons and is also known as massive edema.

Causes of different types of swellings:-

  • Infections(Parasitic,fungal,bacterial, etc.)
  • Stinging of insect.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Dislocation or twisting of cartilage or bones.
  • Skin infection etc.

Diseases acquainted with swelling are Beriberi, Edema, Filaria, etc.

Are you tensed for your swellings? Don’t worry, below are some steps that can help reduce swelling in your body.

How to Reduce Swelling?

Swelling is not usually harmful or dangerous rather it’s ugly and non-attractive.

How to Reduce Swelling

Steps to reduce swelling are as follows

Treating General Swelling

  • Meditation and exercise is a must. Though the movement of the swollen part is quite difficult, you have to try keeping up with low impact movement on that part.
  • Avoid more sodium intake and increase intake of water because sodium can enhance the swelling.
  • Don’t go for tight dresses over swollen body parts s it will make it more difficult for blood to flow through those parts.
  • Get a regular massage on that part and exercise that swollen part.
  • Keep the swollen part in cold water regularly, it will reduce swelling.
  • Magnesium contents must be supplied to your body as a deficiency in magnesium content in the body can lead to more swelling.

Treating Swelling got from injuries

  • Always keep up the swollen body part so that blood can flow easily through it.
  • Keep your swollen part in contact with cold soaked cloth, so that it will decrease the size of that swollen part.
  • Take medicines such as NSAIDs(Non-steroidal anti inflammable drugs), these can decrease the pain and swelling.

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Methods to Reduce Swelling

There are many causes of swelling of the face and lips.

How to Reduce Swelling: Methods

Swollen lips are generally caused due to the accumulation of fluids under the skin of lips or due to some infections. And the swollen face is due to some allergies, eye infection, side effects of medicines, etc.

Methods to reduce swelling of lips

  • Applying warm water over lips, and ice cubes are also helpful.
  • Applying honey and turmeric over lips.
  • Epsom salt, aloe vera, and baking soda are also useful in curing the swelling of lips.

Methods to reduce swelling of the face

  • Applying cold water on the face reduces the swollen face.
  • Drinking watermelon juice everyday morning also helps in reducing the swelling of the face.
  • Other external remedies such as cucumber juice and medicinal items also help in decreasing the swelling of the face.

Home Remedy to Reduce Swelling of Hand/Fingers

Swelling of hands and fingers generally occurs during an injury or due to some formation of pus that gives a lot of pain.

Home Remedy to Reduce Swelling of Hand/Fingers

But don’t worry here are some basic simple steps to reduce the pain and swelling

  • Give proper rest to that hand of the finger where swelling has occurred. It means that you should not move those fingers rapidly such as for typing, etc.
  • Apply ice cubes on it so that it will decrease its size.
  • Must keep the hand above chest level so that an elevation is created and blood flow doesn’t stop in that area.
  • Must exercise that hand or finger to reduce the swelling.
  • Should decrease the intake of foods that contain high sodium content as sodium will enhance the swelling.

How to Reduce Swelling in Feet/Knees/Legs quickly?

Swelling of feet/knees/legs occurs generally due to the accumulation of fluids in the tissues present there. They are not dangerous neither these are a disease but can be a symptom of other diseases such as filarial, some deficiency diseases due to the lack of some basic nutrients.

How to Reduce Swelling in Feet/Knees/Legs quickly?

But to reduce this swelling quickly you have to follow the below-mentioned steps;-

  • Keep your legs in two filled cold water buckets, it will decrease the swelling.
  • Take Epsom salt or any magnesium-rich food which can help in reducing the swelling.
  • Massage your legs gently which will surely help in decreasing the swollen part.
  • Take ginger and lemon water sufficiently to reduce the swelling in the feet and legs.

Swollen Feet and Ankles in Hot Weather

Swollen feet and ankles in a person are called edema. In hot weather, it is very difficult to cope up with this situation. Its main factor is the accumulation of fluids under the tissues.

Swollen Feet and Ankles in Hot Weather

It is generally caused due to low protein levels in the body, high sodium content,  because of prolonged standing/sitting, or maybe due to some chronic or lung diseases.

During summer, when your body becomes very hot, the veins expand(dilate) as a result of which the fluid flows into various tissues and gets accumulated, hence edema occurs.

Way to Make Swelling go down on the Eye

Generally, eyes get swollen up due to some infections caused in them. Itching of eyes, red in color, watering are symptoms of some infections that occurred in the eyes.

Way to Make Swelling go down on the Eye

The preventive measures to reduce the swelling of the eyes are as follows

As the eye is one of the 5 sense organs in a human being, it is much sensitive. So every measure you take on eyes must be permitted by an ophthalmologist.

  • Use the prescribed eye drop by the doctor.
  • Always clean your eyes with cold water.
  • If any substance falls into your eyes, just do not start itching immediately, rather first wash it and cleanse it with an eye drop.
  • Always clean the waste products that accumulate at the eye corners. Accumulating those things for a longer time in the eye will lead to infections.