How to Stop Snoring Naturally? Home Remedies For Snoring

how to stop snoring naturally - How To Reduce

Snoring is one of the most commonly faced, sleeping scenarios with middle-aged humans. The condition of snoring is common both in men and women as well, however, the studies show that men tend to be more prone to the snoring condition than women, but yeah both are the subjects to this condition of snoring.

While the occasional snoring doesn’t convey an adverse sign to your health, but if you are someone who is facing or dealing with the snoring on a daily basis then it might be indicating some serious health hazards, and you must consult your doctor to discuss this condition.

In today’s article, we are going to cover the whole topic of this condition known as snoring. We would discuss the various aspects of this condition and we hope that this article would prove to be handy for you, to deal with the snoring

How to Stop/Reduce Snoring?

How to Stop/Reduce Snoring

Snoring we know is something that tends to hit most of us after hitting a certain age most probably after middle age. When any person deals with snoring it not only bothers the person himself but it mostly makes the others frustrated as well since it becomes a hurdle in the way of peaceful sleep.

So today we will tell you about the juice which will surely help you to reduce the intensity of snoring. This juice is basically based on the main ingredient of the carrot, and the carrot is having some properties which reduce or even heal the snoring for some people.

The carrot juice reduces or diminishes the amount of mucous which tends to be built up in your throat region and this is the main reason for snoring.

The carrot juice is the best thing to be used in a long run by the person dealing with the snoring. You can mix apple and lime in the carrot juice together to see the best results.

Why do we snore while sleeping?

Snoring is nothing but a harsh sound while we are asleep as the air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing the tissue to vibrate as you breathe. Some people snore daily or some people snore when they are too tired or when they have nasal congestion. Snoring can cause disturbance to your partner. Some people face chronic problems which result in serious health problems.

Causes of snoring

Snoring can be caused by many factors

1. Your mouth anatomy

People who are overweight usually have a thick and soft palate that can narrow their airways when they are asleep. Therefore when the triangular piece of tissue from the soft palate is elongated the airflow can be obstructed and the vibration increases.

2. Limit or avoid alcohol before bed

By consuming alcohol, the muscles and tissues get relaxed. Therefore there is a louder sound when alcohol is consumed. Due to the consumption of alcohol the resistance is raised four times higher. Therefore the person who snores and drinks alcohol, the resistance raises to eight times more and leads to snoring. Try not to consume alcohol for at least 3 hrs before going to bed.

3. Get enough sleep

Snoring can be caused when you are not getting enough sleep as it relaxes the throat muscles. Make sure that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours to avoid snoring. Snoring also increases sleep deprivation due to interrupted sleep.

4. Sleep on your side

When we sleep on our backs it can cause snoring because the weight of your chest and neck presses down. Therefore gravity can shift these tissues into the throat more easily blocking adequate airflow. Snoring can also be caused due to sleep apnea pauses in breathing, choking, grasping and many other symptoms. Sleeping on a side helps the air to flow and avoids snoring.

5. Nasal problems

Some people snore due to a cold or any other illness. Due to the congested and snuffy nose, they breathe through their mouth and this leads to snoring.

6. Obstructive sleep apnea

It occurs when the throat muscles relax and block the airway during sleep. Some of the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea include

  • Sleeping more during day time
  • Snoring loudly
  • Waking up now and then due to grasping or choking
  • Headaches in the mornings
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • Mood changes
  • High blood pressure
  • Decreased libido

There are treatments like using a device which keeps a positive pressure to keep the airway open while you are asleep. You can also do surgeries.

7. Try to maintain a moderate weight

The biggest cause of snoring is weight gain due to the pressure of neck fat that is when you lie down the upper airway makes you snore. There is the presence of abdominal fat too as it can push the diaphragm and compresses the ribcage. Therefore it puts pressure on the lungs and restricts airflow.

8. Avoid taking sedatives before bed

Taking sedatives can make you snore as sedatives make your muscles relax same as alcohol. Talk to your doctor and find a solution.

Different types of snoring

1. Nose-based snoring

Nose-based snoring is a type of snoring that is caused due to blocked nostrils. Blocked nostrils cause due to cold, flu or any other allergies. If you find your nose blocked or affected you can find a specific treatment.

To avoid snoring take allergy medications, do nasal rinse, use nose strips or you can get corrective surgery done.

2. Mouth-based snoring

Mouth-based snoring is a type of snoring in which when a person breathes through their mouth instead of the nose while asleep. It is caused due to enlarged nostrils, blocked nasal passages and weak patal tissue. Mouth-based snoring happens automatically that is when you are not able to breathe from the nose you automatically breathe from your mouth. One of the best methods to avoid snoring is you can get your tonsils removed.

3. Tongue-based snoring

Tongue-based snoring is a type of snoring in which the tongue relaxes and blocks the airway. People who drink alcohol, use sleep medications, have too much neck fat and sleep on their backs face this. Losing weight, cutting alcohol, cutting medication unless based on your doctor’s advice, and sleeping in one position can avoid this type of snoring. Oral appliance therapy helps avoid tongue-based snoring.

4. Throat-based snoring

Throat-based snoring is one of the loudest types of snoring and the most dangerous one.

It is one of the strongest indicators of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is caused due to the obstruction of the airway and you may stop breathing. Therefore you begin to choke or cough to open the airway so that it helps you in breathing again. This cycle can appear a hundred times in the night when you are asleep. This results in snoring and you may not get a good quality of sleep.

How to Stop/Reduce Snoring while Sleeping?

How to Stop/Reduce Snoring While Sleeping

Snoring is being one of the most common conditions which are faced by middle-aged men and women and it ruins the peaceful sleep of the person who sleeps around the person who is dealing with snoring.

Well, there are some ways by using which you can keep the snoring aside while sleeping, such as there comes a device basically an anti-snoring device.

How to Get Rid of the Snoring Naturally?

How to Get Rid of the Snoring Naturally

Well, we know that there is plenty of the medicine which are available in the market for treating or relieving the condition of the snoring, but these medicines only work in the short run and after stopping their usage.

So if you want to get rid of the snoring naturally then below we are providing some changes that you should make to fix the snoring:

  1. Figure out your pattern of snoring if you snore in the nose then chances are there that it happens due to your nasal passage being blocked so your first fix is to keep your nasal passage open. With the open nasal passage, the flow of the air will move thoroughly without making any sound of snoring. You can use a hot shower before you go to bed to keep your nasal passage open or there comes liquid medicine drops which will do this job for you.
  2. The second fix is to keep your body hydrated yes when your body is hydrated enough it helps in flushing out the sticky substances out of the nose and your body is not hydrated enough these substances tend to be thicker and stick inside the nose. This is the reason which sometimes causes the snoring conditions.
  3. If you are a alcoholic then you are most likely to be prone to the snoring condition due to the fact that there is a resting tone which is located at the back of your throat and the alcohol is like a poison that diminishes that tone and make you more vulnerable to the Snoring.
  4. Lose weight
    In this scenario, if some people gain weight particularly in the region of their neck, and after that, they start facing the snoring condition. In that case, chances are there, that putting off the weight may reverse your snoring condition as well.

Methods to Stop Snoring Immediately Permanently

Methods to Stop Snoring Immediately Permanently 

Curing the snoring issues immediately is something that can’t be done with the help of natural remedies. Natural remedies do work but they have their own pace of reversing this condition, however, there are some medicines or lifestyles which can do this job for you.

1. Nasal spray is something that you should consider in the very first place to stop snoring immediately. It works by opening up the blockages of the nasal and letting the air flow thoroughly. When the air passes through the nasal without any hardship there occurs no issue of snoring

2. Decongestant medications is another handy tool that you may use for snoring condition. This medication works best when snoring is caused due to the sinuses or the stuffy nose.

3. Before going to the bed keep your body hydrated since the hydrated body fights with the nasal blockages and you may also use the air purifier to keep the dust or allergy particles away from your nasal.

Stop Snoring Naturally Tonight

If you want to stop naturally tonight then there are some changes that you can make to your body and also to your lifestyle which will hopefully help you to not to snore.

The very first thing you need to do to stop snoring is to choose a sleeping side.

It is well-known fact, that the people who sleep on their back are more prone to exaggerate this condition hence sleeping on your side is always the better option for those who are dealing with snoring.

The second thing which you should be doing is to completely avoid alcohol or smoking from your lifestyle as it destroys the tone of your back neck and puts you at the risk of snoring.

Other than that keep your rooms always clean and tidy as the dust particles also contribute to the snoring, and at last, you should be having the carrot and the apple mixed juice regularly it will relieve your snoring condition over a period of time.

Way to Stop Snoring Exercises/Yoga

Way to Stop Snoring Exercises

When it comes to taking care of the body and its organs there is no better way of doing it than with exercises or yoga. You should be regularly doing the exercises to keep your all body in maintenance and in a good condition. Since the conditions such as snoring, and others only affect the body which is weak enough to be affected by it.

Way to Stop Snoring yoga

Do yourself indulge in yoga such as breathing from your nose poses it will surely relieve the snoring condition. Other than this always keep yourself hygiene particularly the nasal region keep it free from the sticky particles in order to keep the flow of air flowing freely through the nose.

What Causes Snoring in Females

Snoring is one of the most common conditions that both men and women suffer from and it becomes more common once the person passes the age of 30. If we talk about snoring in the context of the women then women do also deal with it, however, there is less proportion of the women in comparison to the men who suffer from snoring.

What Causes Snoring in Females

The main cause of the snoring in the women is universal that is the lack of flowing air free from the nose and the throat, and when it doesn’t happen freely then the surrounding tissues vibrate, and that is what makes the sound or the vibration of the snoring.

There are many treatments available today to relieve this condition you may consult your doctor and choose the best treatment for yourself.

What Causes Snoring in Men

Well, that’s a fact that the men are more vulnerable to the condition of snoring in comparison to the women over a certain age and this condition makes the sleepless nights for their partner or another family member, but sadly this is somewhat a natural process of aging.

The main causes of snoring in men could be many factors such as the anatomy of the mouth if a person is having a low think and the softened palates inside the mouth that make it hard to let the air pass freely through the nose and the throat.

What Causes Snoring in Men

The other reason behind what causes snoring in men could be nasal issue a congested nasal with crooked partitions in between the nostrils, which can also cause snoring in men.

Homeopathic medicines for snoring

To get rid of snoring you can use sage before bed, that is you can sage with water and goggle in the back of your throat. Drink the water once it gets cooled.

  • You can also use olive oils by taking a few sips of olive oil before going to bed.
  • You can also use aromatherapy oils that are peppermint oil and rub it on your nose on both sides. This helps in reducing swelling and also relieves stress.
  • You can avoid sleeping on your back as the soft palate collapses on the throat and causes snoring. To avoid this sleep in a different position.

Consult your doctor to clear the nasal passage and as it helps you in sleeping freely.

Lemna minor is the best medicine to cure snoring for people who suffer from nasal polyps.

Treatments for snoring

Some of the non-surgical treatments for snoring are

1. Lifestyle changes

Avoiding alcohol, changing the sleep position, and maintaining a moderate weight helps you in reducing snoring. Having a proper lifestyle will help in maintaining overall health.

2. Medications

If you are having a cold take medicines as advised by your doctor as it helps in relieving nasal congestion and you can breathe freely further avoiding snoring.

3. Nasal strips

Flexible band strips can be put on the nose outwards and keep the nasal passage open.

4. Oral appliances

The oral appliance should be kept on the jaw so that the air flows. It is also called a mouth guard or mouth device but don’t mistake this to sports equipment.

Surgical treatments for snoring

1. Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty(LAUP)

It is a treatment that has been used for almost three decades. It reduces snoring and sleep apnea. During this treatment there is an involvement of partial resection of the ulva and soft palate by using a laser.

Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty(LAUP) treatment helps the airflow as it reduces the tissue in the soft palate.

2. Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation treatment shrinks excess tissue that is in the soft palate and tongue. This treatment also shrinks the size of the tumors, nodules and the growth of the body. During this treatment the patients complain of the pain that is equal to a sunburn.

3. Septoplasty

Septoplasty treatment improves the airflow through the nose by shaping the cartilage and bone.

The patient can go home on the day of surgery itself. There might be swelling for at least two to three days but full recovery can be seen only after two to three months.

4.Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy treatment, the surgeon removes the excess tissue from the back of the throat. It is a common treatment to treat tonsilitis. It is a common treatment for children in the USA.

Nasal drops for snoring

Nasal drops like saline drops avoid snoring. These saline drops break excessive mucus. There are even nasal sprays which are more effective.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. Can snores be cured?

Snoring can be cured by changing the sleep position, avoiding alcohol, maintaining a moderate weight, and sleeping in one position. You can also take hot showers if you have nasal blockage as it prevents you from snoring.

2. Why do I snore too loud?

Snoring loudly can be caused due to age-related problems, being overweight, alcohol consumption, and hereditary factor. We may also snore when we are too tired.

3. What to drink to stop snoring?

You can take turmeric milk to stop snoring. Turmeric milk is a herb that prevents nasal and throat tissues. You can add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to hot milk and drink it before going to bed.

4. Does Vicks helpful snoring?

Yes, Vicks helps in snoring. Take some Vicks and apply them to your chest. It clears the nasal passage and eases your snoring.

5. Can lack of water cause snoring?

Yes, lack of water can cause snoring. Dehydration leads to thickened mucus in the throat and mouth and this makes the surfaces stick together. This leads to snoring and the snoring can lead to worse levels.