How To Do Makeup At Home Everyday: Simple Step By Step Guide

How to do Makeup at Home - How To Reduce

Women love to do makeup and it makes them look good. To do makeup whether it is simple or party makeup basic cosmetics are needed. These cosmetics help in enhancing the look of the women. Applying makeup gives more confidence for women, making them look brighter, more attractive.

Learn how to apply Lipstick, Moisturizer, Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blush, Eye shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lip Colour, Eyelid primer, Highlighter. Women can also spend some time for themselves.

How to do makeup at home?

Women who are interested in doing simple makeup at home can follow these tips.

Wash your face

How to wash your face for makeup - How To Reduce

Make sure that you wash your face before applying makeup. Washing your face and then applying makeup helps you in making you feel fresh. You can also use a cleanser before applying makeup to your face. It helps in taking out any kind of dirt particles from your skin. Avoid using hot water to wash your skin as it keeps your skin dry, and you may also get irritated due to this.

Use lukewarm water to wash your face as it will not make your skin look patchy after applying makeup. After washing your face use a soft towel and pat it gently all over your face. Make sure that not even a pinch of water is to be seen on your face before applying makeup.

Consider exfoliating

Exfoliating your skin helps in removing dead skin cells. You need not exfoliate your skin every day. Women who do makeup everyday make sure that you exfoliate your face at least once in a week. You can use a facial brush or exfoliating scrub, or any other tool designed for exfoliating. When you are exfoliating your face concentrates on areas where there is dryness on your skin.

Using a face mask helps in maintaining your skin. To get rid of dry skin you can also use a clay mask which helps in clearing all the pores of your skin.

Apply a moisturizer

How to Apply a Moisturizer - How To Reduce

Before applying makeup to your face make sure to use moisturizer. As we use makeup regularly, moisturizer helps in keeping skin healthier. It helps in avoiding the skin to look dry and helps in giving a very good look when you finish applying makeup to your face.

Make sure that you use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin. While applying moisturizer to your face, massage it all around that is near your forehead, nose and don’t forget to moisturize your neck too. After applying moisturizer, leave it for a few minutes before applying foundation. If you apply foundation directly after applying moisturizer without leaving it for a few minutes, it might get sticky.

Applying foundation

How to Apply Foundation - How To Reduce

Make sure that you get a foundation that is suitable to your complexion of skin. It is available in many stores. You can test it by applying a little on your jawbone. Make sure that you never test it on the back of your hand as the skin color of your hand is very different from the color of your face.

Apply foundation little by little on your face by using a foundation brush or puff or if you are comfortable, you can use your fingers too. Don’t apply extra layers of foundation as it might look more. Blend the foundation all over your face, to every edge on your chin. Make sure that you don’t forget to apply foundation to your neck as it coordinates to your face complexion.

Apply concealer

Concealers are used to cover dark coverages on your skin. It can also cover dark circles. Make sure that you choose a concealer that matches the complexion of your skin. Choosing one shade lighter if you have dark circles, it is better. Use very little concealer wherever you find dark spots on your skin.

You can use a concealer brush or your even fingers by spreading it under your eyes or any other dark spots visible. Blend it with the brush gently. If you still find the dark spots visible you can use extra concealer to cover it.

Apply powder

Choose a powder that is suitable to the complexion of your skin. Apply powder with the big fluffy brush all over your face. Apply it in a circular motion. Applying powder helps you in looking brighter and helps in keeping the foundation lasting all over the day. It also helps you in keeping fresh all over the day.

Apply blush

Apply pink blush on both sides of cheeks slightly. Apply it in a circular motion. By applying blush, it gives a good tone on your facial coloring. It is your preference to apply blush in simple makeup as it is not compulsory.

Apply eyeshadow

How to apply eyeshadow - How To Reduce

For daily makeup look choose a simple or neutral color. Shades like brown gray, pink, and light color matching to your dress makes you look good. To apply eyeshadow, you can use a brush which comes with an eye shadow pallet or there are also brushes specially available in the market. You can also use your finger in applying eye shadows.

Firstly, apply a base color which matches your skin tone. Then use your finger or brush to spread it neatly all the way leaving a bit of gap between your eyebrows. Lastly, use a fluffy brush to blend it neatly.

Tip: It is not compulsory to use eyeshadow for simple makeup. It is a must for party makeup.

Apply eyeliner

You can use black eyeliner for a simple makeup look. Using black eyeliner matches all the dresses. There are also different color eyeliners available. You should apply the eye liner above the eye lashes. While applying the eye liner try to draw it curvingly and stop it just near the edge of your eye lashes. You can also use liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliners.

If the eyeliner spreads all over, remove it with cotton , you can apply it again. You can also use your eyeliner or eye pencil to lower eye lashes. By applying eyeliner it makes you look more elegant and attractive.

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Apply mascara

You can apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Make sure that you use a single coat while applying mascara. When you finish applying mascara for one eye you can dip it back in the bottle again before you start applying mascara to another eye. It looks better if you apply mascara for everyday makeup.

Apply lip color

How to apply lip colour - How To Reduce

Use neutral color lipstick for daily makeup. Lip colors like pink or any other neutral shades gives a good look. You can use lipsticks or lip gloss. For simple and everyday makeup avoid using bright colors. You can use a tissue to remove excess lip color from your lips once you finish applying lip color. Sometimes you can use bright colors under your preference matching to your dress.

Party makeup

How to do party makeup - How To Reduce

If you want to get ready for a party, you can use the same products that you used for simple makeup but in addition you can use primers, bronzers, highlighters and setting spray. For party makeup try to do smokey eyes it gives a more attractive look.

Apply primer

Once you finish applying moisturizer to your face and leaving it for a few minutes apply primer. When you apply primer, it keeps your makeup lasting for a longer period and it also gives a matt finish look to your face.

Take a few drops of primer either on your finger or sponge and blend it to your forehead, nose, cheeks. Make sure that you don’t use primer to the area near your eyes as later as you can apply the eyelid primer to the area near your eye. Once you finish applying the primer, leave it for a few minutes before you start applying the foundation.

Apply bronzer to contour

Bronzer is not a must to do makeup, but it is your personal choice. Bronzer gives a good complexion while you contour. People who have pale skin can avoid using a bronzer. Try to choose a bronzer that is one to two shades darker to your skin color.

Along with the brush in circular motion drag it to your cheeks, forehead and to the end of your chin. While using a bronzer you can use a brush and make sure that it should be along the jaw line and blend it neatly crisscross.

Apply an eyelid primer

For party makeup you can take some eyelid primer and apply it to your upper eyelid. By applying eyelid primer, it can keep the eyeshadow lasting for a longer period. Before applying the eye shadow let the eye primer set for a few minutes and then you can start applying the eye shadow.

makeup brushes in a jar - How To Reduce

Choose your colors

When you are going for a party make sure that you choose bright colors matching to your dress depending upon the complexion of your skin. You can also apply eye shadow on the lower lid of your eyes.

Moisturize your lip

Before applying lipstick or lip gloss make sure that you use a lip balm. It helps in avoiding dryness to your lips. Make sure that once you apply the lip balm leave it for a few minutes and then go on to the next step.

Use a lip liner to line your lip

While using a lip liner make sure that it matches your lipstick. Give a shape to your lips with the lip liner. If you want, you can use the lip liner to color your lips as a lipstick.

Apply a bold lipstick color. It is your choice of choosing the color. You can choose bold and bright colors like red, brown, etc.

How to apply lipstick?

First apply the lipstick to the center of the top lip and spread it to the end of the lips and then apply equally to the bottom of your lips. Make sure the lipstick is applied equally. If there is excess color applied to your lips you can take a tissue and dab your lips to it. Avoid doing it too hard.

Set makeup with setting spray

Once you have finished all your makeup, take a makeup fixer and spray it to your face. Make sure to hold the spray at a little distance and spray to your face. Then allow it to dry. This helps in keeping your makeup last for a longer time. It is suitable for all skin types but if you are allergic, you can avoid using it.

Tip: Before going to sleep whether it is party makeup or simple makeup make sure that you wash your face. You can also use cleanser to remove your makeup. You can take 3-4 drops of cleanser on cotton and remove your makeup.

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