How To Remove Eye Bags Permanently? Home Remedies

how to remove eye bags permanently

Puffing of eyes or the mild swelling under the eyes is known as eye bags. When the eye gets swelled or the area around the eye gets swelled then some fluids get to accumulate on the swollen parts under the eye.

The swelling under the eyes can be caused by many reasons like allergies, using cosmetics, or because some medical conditions. Eye bags can also be caused by smoking.

When you feel eye bags under your eyes then you can feel the symptoms like a dark circle, puffing eyes, swelling of eyes as well as loose skin around the eyes.

So, if you are suffering from eye bags and want some relief from them then today we will share some tips through which you can rid of the eye bags.

How to reduce eye bags naturally?

How to Reduce Eye Bags naturally

There are many remedies through which you can reduce your eyes bags naturally. So, you can find some tips below:

1. Apply tea bags

First of all, you need to keep the teabag in the hot water for two to three minutes then keep the water bag in freezer for 20 minutes now you can apply it on your eye and it will help you in both the dark circle of the eyes as well as you can also reduce your eye bag.

2. Stay hydrated

Always drink sufficient water and take a more liquid diet so that you can always be hydrated, if you will be always hydrated then let me tell you that you can keep your body away from many diseases.

Home remedies to reduce eye bags

Home remedies to reduce eye bags

1. Use a potato

Crush the potato and take out the juice of the potato and apply it to the eye and leave it for 20 minutes. You can also use the slice of the potato on your eyes as it will also be very beneficial for your eye bags.

2. Use cucumber

The cucumber is the best medicine for swollen eyes as well as for dark circles so apply the slice of the cucumber on the eye to get relief from eye bags.

Pro tips to reduce eye bags

When you wake up and find eye puffiness these quick remedies help in reducing the swelling.

1. Cold Compresses

You can use ice packs, frozen vegetables, chilled cucumber slices, or cold spoons. Keep it for some time over your closed eyes for a few minutes.

Cooling the eyes, it reduces the swelling around your eyes.

2. Hemorrhoid cream

Pat these creams around the swelling. These counter creams are designed especially for Hemorrhoid treatment under the eyes. But use these products as advised by your dermatologist as they may cause irritation in the sensitive area.

Method to get rid of eye bags overnight

You can get rid of eye bags overnight by doing some simple steps. Take hot water in a bowl and add two capsules of vitamin E and apply gently to your eyes at night and leave it overnight.

In the morning wash your eyes with hot water and you can find your swelling of eyes becomes less after applying these remedies.

How to remove eye bags permanently?

How to Remove Eye Bags Permanently

When you will keep your body hydrated, and use the potato slice, cucumber slice on the eye every two to four days and also try to use less amount of cosmetics on your eyes. These precautions and steps will help you remove the eye bags from your eyes permanently.

Tips to get rid of eye bags

1. Get enough sleep

Make sure that you get enough sleep to get rid of eye bags. Sleeping for at least 7-8hours helps in keeping you healthy. Even though sleep is not related to puffy eyes, there are chances that you can suffer from a pale complexion. Keep your head elevated while asleep

2. Keep more pillows under your head

Keep your head in an elevated position. Keeping your head in an elevated position will help in preventing the fluid and blood accumulated in the lower eyelids.

3. Apply cold compress

Try to apply a cold compress to swollen eyes. Use tissue paper or cloth dipped in cold water and soothe the areas which are affected. You can also follow the same procedure by using a cold teaspoon or cucumber by keeping them for some time in the fridge.

4. Clean your face every night

When you apply makeup to your face, make sure to wash your face before going to bed. If you keep your makeup on all night, the foundation and eye makeup near your eyes can irritate you and this can cause puffiness, redness, and early signs of eye problems.

5. Cut down on alcohol intake

If you consume too much alcohol it may cause dehydration in your body, and you might get dark circles under your eye. Instead of drinking alcohol, drink lots of water or juice and you will find a drastic change as these fluids act as a remedy.

6. Get rid of smoking

People who smoke regularly suffer from early age wrinkles, discoloration, under-eye bags, and dark circles.

When you smoke it depletes the vitamin C which is responsible for the collagen formation in the skin.

Reduce eye bags with the right eating habits

Eating healthy food helps in keeping your skin good. Eating nutritious food and avoiding oily food keeps your skin color smooth. Some of these healthy nutrients are

1. Rich in collagen

Due to age-related problems it can weaken the muscles and tissues that support the eyelids. Due to this, the skin sags and you can see a fat layer that appears around the eyes. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C like lemon and oranges and food items that contain amino acids are good for healthy skin.

You also eat food items like red peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli, and strawberries.

2. Rich in Lycopene

Most of the fruits and vegetables consists of lycopene. Lycopene helps in the improvement of eye health and helps in boosting our immunity. Lycopene helps in the treatment of skin pigmentation which in turn also helps to reduce the formation of dark circles. Vegetables like cabbage and tomatoes and fruits like papaya and watermelon help in avoiding eye puffiness as they are rich in antioxidants.

3. Rich in vitamin K

Eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin K as advised by the nutrition specialists. Vegetables like tomatoes, cauliflowers, and fruits like pomegranates and turnips consist of vitamin K. It avoids getting dark circles and helps in the removal of unwanted puffiness.

4. Less in salt content

If you find eye puffiness and dark circles, the first thing you do is avoid salt in your food.

Avoid eating packaged and processed food and eat fresh vegetables and fruits regularly.

5. Rich in Iron content

Food that is rich in Iron must be taken by the people who are suffering from eye puffiness. Mostly anemic people are the ones who are affected by eye puffiness or dark circles.

The iron content in the food carries oxygen to the blood vessels. The foods that are rich in Iron include seafood, leafy vegetables, Dry fruits, some cereals, and peas.

Under eye bags treatments

As our eyes are very delicate, please choose the best option for the removal of eye bags.

Consult your dermatologist before getting this done.

You can follow some of these procedures for the removal of eye bags.

1. Prescription-based creams

When you find the formation of dark circles on the thin skin under your eye bags before they change into fat called eye bags to use retinol creams as it stimulates collagen production and helps in removing dark circles.

The cream containing phenylephrine helps in constricting the blood vessel and reduces the diameter.

Doctors also suggest Hemorrhoid creams that reduce the swelling around the eyes.

Caution – Creams can be applied based on the prescription as suggested by your doctor.

2. Therapies

You can also get treatments done like chemical peels, heat-based rejuvenation, and laser therapies.

As the creams help remove the eye bags only to one extent.

3. Surgeries

Many people undergo puffy treatment as they get affected with allergy problems and the eye turns to sag and turns pale from the effect of discoloration.

Dermatologists suggest patients undergo this procedure only if there is excess fat around the eyes that can be removed. This procedure can be carried only with the help of an expert.