How to Reduce Foot Swelling: Home Remedies For Foot Swelling

Way to Reduce Foot Swelling After Surgery

In this post, we talk about How to Reduce Foot Swelling. Many times we feel our swollen ankles or foot because of many reasons like travel or surgery and it is common among pregnant ladies. If your feet or ankles get swollen then we will be very uncomfortable in moving or even we can’t move our legs freely.

You can feel a swollen left foot or one swollen foot after traveling or after surgery or during pregnancy. So, we are going to discuss some remedies through which the swelling of food can be reduced and you can move your leg freely.

How to Reduce Foot Swelling

Swelling of feet is very common during pregnancy and is caused by the increase of fluids in the body as to when a woman is pregnant then that the volume of the blood, as well as the fluids in the body, gets increases that cause the swelling in the feet. So, let’s talk about the step through which you can get rid of swelling of the leg in pregnancy.

  1. Never sit or stand in one position for a long time

If you will stand or sit for a long time in the same position then it will cause problems in circulation which can increase the swelling.

  1. Drink more and more water

When you will drink water it will help you to rid of the excessive fluids in the body so you need to drink more water when you feel swelling in your legs.

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  1. Drink less caffeine

Avoid caffeine during pregnancy but if your habit of caffeine then drink plenty of water while drinking caffeine so that you can keep your body hydrated.

  1. Do regular exercise

Exercise can help you in rid of many diseases like swelling, acidity, etc and so, do regular exercise which will help you in keeping your body as well as your baby healthy and you can also reduce extra body fluids which will help you in reducing the swelling of feet.

  1. Optimize your diet

Take a proper diet which can help you in swelling and whenever you add something new in your diet then try to consult with a doctor that the food which you are going to add is beneficial or not.

How to Reduce Foot Swelling
How to Reduce Foot Swelling after surgery

Swelling is also caused after the surgery so by going through these simple steps you can reduce the swelling of the foot after the surgery.

  1. Limit your salt intake

You need to minimize the salt which you take with foods or juice because it can increase the fluids through which your swelling can be increased so if you avoid then you will find some relief in swelling.

  1. Weight loss

Weight loss can help you in keeping you a healthy person as well as it is also helpful in reducing body fluids.

  1. Epsom salt: take two spoons of salt in one bucket of hot water and soak your feet in the bucket which is full of hot water with salt. It will really be very helpful in instant relief.
  2. Magnesium supplements: if you add magnesium supplements to your daily diet then it will help in reducing body pain as well as swelling of the body. Take the advice of the doctor before taking the supplements because you can not take these supplements if you are suffering from any the problems like heart problems or kidney problems.

Way to Reduce Foot Swelling with Magnesium supplements
Swelling After Foot Surgery Normal

Swelling After Foot Surgery Normal