How To Get Pregnant Fast & Easy: Tips To Help You Conceive

How To Get Pregnant Fast and Easy - How To Reduce

Pregnancy is a wonderful, anxious, and exciting journey that every woman goes through. It is almost another life for the woman as she faces all the struggle but forgets it and is all set ready to see the baby. Everyone wants to go through this experience, so women get pregnant faster and for some women, it takes time because every individual has a different type of body.

Many people think that getting pregnant faster is based on heredity, that is if the girl’s mother has taken years to get pregnant, they think that the same situation will happen to her daughter too, which is wrong. The daughter might get pregnant within a month. Some of the tips which help to get pregnant are as follows

Stop Using Birth Control Pills

Stop Using Birth Control Pills - How To Reduce

Women who are trying to get pregnant must stop using birth control pills such as iPill or any other medication other than based on a doctor’s advice.

Usually, during family planning, men use condoms, therefore, women who are trying to get pregnant make sure that you and your partner do not use any birth control methods. It avoids women from getting pregnant.

Consult Gynaecologist

Consult Gynaecologist - How To Reduce

For women who are trying to get pregnant, it is better if they consult a Gynaecologist and get a general health check-up done.

Vitamins to Get Pregnant Fast

use vitamins to get pregnant fast - how to reduce

Take Folic acid tablets which consist of a B-Vitamin, Women who are trying to get pregnant should at least take 400 mg of folic acid daily before conception. Folic acids are taken to reduce the baby’s risk of serious neural tube defects. Neural tube defects are problems with the brain and spinal cord. Even during the first 3 months of pregnancy folic acid tablets are taken.

Foods to Get Pregnant Faster

foods to get pregnant fast - how to reduce

Eating vegetables like spinach, beans, peas, broccoli, and enriched grains which consist of B-Vitamin helps women get pregnant faster. Avoid having caffeine more than once a day.

Keep Track of Your Ovulation

keep track of your ovulation - How To Reduce

The most important thing in getting pregnant is to keep a check on the menstrual cycle. Note down the date of your last period. The ovaries release one or more eggs during ovulation. Ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days before your period starts. To check whether you are ovulating, there are ovulation kits available.

There are also many period tracker apps and ovulation tracker apps where it tracks the dates whether you are ovulating or not. It notes down the last menstrual dates and tracks the dates and mentions whether you are ovulating or not. During the time of ovulation if you have intercourse with your partner at least once daily there are a lot of chances of pregnancy.

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Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

follow healthy lifestyle - How To Reduce

Women who want to get pregnant must follow a healthy lifestyle like having home-cooked food. Which includes a lot of veggies and maintaining a balanced diet. They should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

Avoid Stress

avoid stress - How To Reduce

Women who are trying to get pregnant must avoid stress. Usually, women who are trying to conceive worry a lot about whether they conceive or not. Stress is the major factor that doesn’t make women conceive faster. Usually, if the woman enjoys intercourse pregnancy will be faster. Many couples think that having intercourse in a particular position will help them in convincing faster, but it doesn’t happen like that. To avoid stress, do yoga or medication. If you are suffering mentally consult a psychologist.

Tip to Get Pregnant

tips to get pregnant faster - How To Reduce

Women who are trying to get pregnant after having intercourse make sure that you lie down and don’t pee for at least 10-15 mins. Women should lift both legs upside straight up for some time. It is the time when the sperm enters the woman’s cervix and helps in becoming pregnant faster.