How to Reduce Triglycerides: Home Remedies

How To Reduce

How to Reduce Triglycerides level in your body is described here. Triglyceride! Is this term acquainted with? If not, don’t worry. You will get to know about triglycerides in detail here and their removal remedies. Triglycerides are a type of fat. These are the common type of fat.

These occur generally from foods, especially butter, oils, and other fats you eat. Triglycerides also come from extra calories.

These are the calories that you eat, but your body does not need them right away. Your body changes these extra calories into triglycerides and stores them in fat cells. When your body needs energy, it releases triglycerides. In a normal human being the triglyceride content is equal to 15mg/dL.

Below mentioned are some ways to reduce triglycerides.

How to Reduce Triglycerides

How to Reduce Triglycerides

To reduce triglycerides from your body follow the following steps:

  • Reduce intake of saturated or processed fats.
  • Intake foods rich in polyunsaturated fats.
  • Avoid trans-fats.
  • Get calories only from fruits and vegetables. And say no to junk foods.
  • Avoid more intake of sugar and alcohol.
  • Avoid intake of more carbs.
  • Plenty of fiber in your diet is highly essential for proper digestion.
  • Limit your dietary cholesterol.

How to Reduce Triglycerides: Diet Menu

A very high triglyceride content person, that is having a level above 200mg/dL, must a diet is as follows:-

How to Reduce Triglycerides: Diet Menu

  • Avoid overeating.
  • Intake diet having fewer carbs and sugar content.
  • Intake healthy fats and avoid trans-fat.
  • Must limit the content of starch in your diet and intake more amounts of protein.
  • Avoid coconut, honey, or maple syrup if you are suffering from high triglycerides content.
  • Must limit the intake of alcohol.

Triglyceride Level Normal

The normal triglyceride level in a person is 150 mg/dL. But if you cross 200 mg/dL, then you have a high triglyceride level.

Foods High in Triglycerides

The foods which are rich in triglyceride are as follows:-

  • Sugary drinks.
  • Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.
  • Fruits but in the required amount.
  • Boiled food is more essential than oiled food and cooking.
  • Pancakes and plums etc.
  • Fatty meat.
  • Butter and margarine.

Symptoms of High Triglycerides

Some symptoms of high triglycerides content in a person are as follows:-

  • Xanthomas or spots under the eye indicate of high triglyceride level in your body.
  • Pancreatitis is also a symptom of high triglyceride levels.
  • Pain in your lever, dizziness, chest pain, etc. can be a symptom of high triglyceride levels.