How to Reduce Breast: Home Remedies for Reducing Breast Size

How To Reduce Breast size - Home Remedies

Breast size can be reduced by following a proper diet and doing exercises regularly. Some women breast reduce immediately and for some women it takes time. Breasts increase due to the stimulation of hormones. Hormones levels can increase during puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

To reduce the size of the breast you can do exercises like cardio workouts, high-intensity exercises, stair climbing, cycling and power walking speeds and consuming foods like ginger, green tea, flax seeds and green tea. Some women reduce their breast size by getting surgery done. Before getting surgery done they get consulted with their doctor.

How to Reduce Breast and its home remedy are described here. Nowadays reducing and increasing breast size through surgery. It is of many types.

Some of them are breast reduction surgery, augmentation mammoplasty, lumpectomy, breast-conserving surgery.

Generally, women reduce their enlarged breasts or gigantomastia because it indicates some diseases. The symptoms include severe back pain, neck strain, grooving along with the shoulder blades, ulnar neuropathy syndrome, intertriginous rashes, failed conservative management and the main reason is an embarrassment. In general, the maximum limit of a woman’s breast is 38. If more than that she would be considered having gigantomastia.

So here are some ways to easily reduce the size of your breast.

How to Reduce Breast?

To reduce breast, you have to follow the proper diet conditions which are as follows:-

How to Reduce Breast?

  • Fenugreek is highly essential in maintaining your body posture.
  • Flaxseeds are also useful in reducing the breast size of a woman.
  • Ginger because of its high medicinal quality is also useful.
  • Green Tea
  • Neem And Turmeric
  • Fish Oil
  • Breast Massage daily is highly essential.
  • Diet
  • Best Exercises must be placed in your daily schedule.

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How to Reduce Breast Size through Yoga?

Yoga can also help in maintaining your body posture and helps in reducing gigantomastia. It contains the skill of synchronized breathing with physical stretching.

How to Reduce Breast Size through Yoga?

Thus it is highly beneficial. Now here are some yoga exercises or asanas to reduce breast size naturally:-

  • Snapping back.
  • Surya Namaskar.
  • Sirshasana.
  • Tadasana.
  • Vrikshasana.
  • Padangusthasana.
  • Ardhachakrasana, etc.

All these yoga exercises help a woman to reduce her breast size.

How to Reduce Size of Breast at Home?

How to Reduce Size of Breast at Home?

Some home remedies to reduce huge breasts are as follows:-

  • Hot water with green tea leaves and honey is highly useful for reducing breast size.
  • Flaxseeds can also help in this purpose.
  • Applying egg white and onion to the breasts reduces the breast size efficiently.
  • Consumption of fish and more citrus foods is highly essential.
  • A herb called Rubia cordifolia can reduce the estrogen level in a woman’s body and hence reduce the breast size.

How to reduce breast size after delivery?

During pregnancy, a woman’s breast may grow large and it might continue till breastfeeding. There is an increase in the breast due to the supply of milk from the breast. The breast can turn fat due to hormonal changes in pregnancy some of which are transformed in the breast tissue. Some women reduce just after giving birth to a baby and for some women it takes time. These women have to follow a diet and exercise regularly.

Many woman’s breasts shrink once breastfeeding starts after delivery. But there are many simple steps to be followed to reduce breast size after delivery.

How to Reduce Size of Breast after Delivery?

  • A mother must understand that it is not her final breast size.
  • Some simple breast exercises must be put on your regular activity list.
  • A woman can also use breast reduction pills or supplements to reduce the breast size as it balances the female hormones and hence reduces her breast.
  • If after following these steps, no positive result is achieved then go for breast reduction surgery which includes the removal of fatty tissues from your breast.

Exercises To Reduce Breast Fat

Exercises like cardio, high-intensity exercises, stair climbing, cycling and power walking speed the metabolism and help the body lose fat. Try doing these exercises 30 minutes a day and regularly.

1. Cardio workouts

Cardio workouts is a type of exercise that keeps your heart rate for a prolonged time. The respiratory system works hard and you breathe more deeply and faster. cardio workouts include running, swimming, walking, etc and help in the reduction of burning fat all over the body. Doing cardio workouts also helps free up from any heart disease, reduces stress and when you are healthy you find an ability to live longer.

2. High-intensity exercises

It involves exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, push ups. Due to these exercises, it breaks almost 20-30 calories that are consumed. It also helps in normalizing heart rate and blood pressure especially for people who are overweight, helps in the improvement of oxygen consumption and also helps to reduce sugar levels for diabetic patients. It also helps in reducing fat.

3. Stair climbing

Climbing stairs is one of the best methods to burn fat. It helps in strengthening the lower part of the body, burning the butt, thighs, and calves and losing inches from belly to fat. Excess fat will vanish if we do this exercise regularly. Climb the stairs up and down and do this for 30 minutes.

4. Cycling

Cycling also helps in burning fat all over the body. It helps in reducing the belly and thighs. Cycling for 30 minutes burns calories and it burns more calories.

5. Speed walking

Walking controls our weight. It helps in burning calories. If we do speed walking for 30 minutes daily it helps in burning all over the body.

Home remedies to reduce breast size

Not only exercise, planning a proper diet that is consuming certain foods helps in reducing breast size. Fruits, vegetables and lean meat help in reducing breast fat. Foods like ginger tea, flax seeds, and egg whites help in reducing breast fat.

1. Green tea

Green tea helps in weight loss as it contains a large number of antioxidants and boosts metabolism to burn fat and calories. Therefore the fat buildup is reduced and this in turn helps in reducing the breast size. If we have green tea throughout the day it helps in boosting up energy.

2. Ginger

Ginger helps in reducing fat as it burns the accumulated fat in the breast by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. Take some ginger and boil it in water. Once the water cools down you can drink the water with honey. Try having ginger every day.

3. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are rich in fatty acids. It lowers the estrogen levels in the body. It helps by lowering estrogen and decreasing breast size. It also helps in the processes of digestion. Take some flax seeds and stir them in hot water. Once the water cools down, drink the water. Do this every day.

4. Egg whites

Egg whites don’t only help in reducing the breast but make the breast firm. By doing this method, it will tighten the chest area. Take some eggs and separate the egg white beat it nicely to get the cream and texture. Apply it to the lower part of the breasts and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

Tips to reduce breast size

It takes some time to lose weight. To make your breasts look smaller you can choose perfect-fitting bras like minimizer bras as it lifts the breast tissue across the tissue. Minimizer bras are nothing but push-up bras. It gives a lot of comfort too. You can also wear dark colour clothes as it makes the breast look small.


1. What foods reduce breast size?

Ans: Foods like green tea, ginger, egg whites and flax seeds help in reducing breast size. These foods are nutritious and less in calories. The breasts are made up of adipose tissue. Therefore consuming these foods not only reduces breast fat but also reduces fat all over the body.

2. What types of bra reduce breast size?

Ans: Minimizer bras are nothing but push-up bras that reduce breast size as it holds the breast across the tissue. It makes your breasts look smaller. You can also wear dark color clothes as it shrinks a line upon the breasts.

3.Can coffee reduce breast size?

Ans: According to research black coffee helps in reducing breast size. Drink 2-3 cups of black coffee daily to shrink the beast size. Avoid consuming too much caffeine as it affects the hormones.

4. What causes the breast to reduce?

Ans: Doing exercises regularly and following a proper diet helps in reducing breast size. Exercises like cardio workouts, walking ,cycling, stair climbing helps in reducing breast size. Foods like ginger, green tea, egg whites and flax seeds helps in reducing breast size.

5. Why do breasts increase in size?

Ans: Breasts increase in size due to the growth of progesterone and hormonal changes in the body that occurs during puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. Breast size can also increase due to weight gain during the time of periods as in the menstrual cycle there is an expansion of progesterone and estrogen levels in the body after ovulation.

6. How does hot water reduce breast size?

Ans: When you drink hot water the body gets hydrated quickly and prevents fat deposits in the body further it avoids your breast size increasing. You can take flaxseed with hot water daily as it helps in reducing the size of the breast.