How to Reduce Waste?/ Recycling of Waste.

Here it is described how you can reduce waste and its natural treatments. Waste? Yeah, all must be knowing about this term. When the word waste comes in your mind, a nostalgic feeling arises. It’s what defines waste. Waste is any unwanted substance that cannot be used and discarded for not being applicable to any purpose.

There are many types of wastes:-

  • Municipal waste
  • Domestic waste
  • Urban waste
  • E-waste, etc.

But these wastes are the chief reason behind every pollution. May it be air, water, or anything every resource are degraded because of the accumulation of wastes in that particular arena. Some possible remedies to reduce the waste are noted down.

How to Reduce Waste in Home?

The hazardous wastes like industrial waste, biomedical wastes, and radio-wastes are most important factors for degrading the quality of air, water, land etc. So some important measures to reduce waste are as follows:-

  • Must follow the principle of 3R’s; Reduce-Recycle-Reuse, waste products that can be recycled must be recycled, this reduces the waste products. Plastics, rubbers, tins can follow this procedure.

  • Avoid using plastic bags and use cloth bags as plastics are very harmful when degraded.
  • Must take meals in an amount that is required, and must not waste it.
  • Composting is the best process to reduce waste generation.
  • Anything after the damage that can be repaired must not be discarded rather must use the same after repairing it.
  • E-wastes must also be reduced.

How to Reduce Waste Naturally?

Some natural methods to reduce waste are as follows:-

  • You must stop using plastics and packaging every item bought is unnecessary. It only increases the waste products.
  • Hazardous materials must not be wasted and must be reused so that every home need not keep hazardous materials.
  • Normal bags, containers which can be reused must not be discarded rather can be put to some other work.
  • Selling of old things by publishing its image in various websites such as etc.


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