How to Reduce Stress | Home Remedy to Reduce Stress

How to reduce stress and get relieved from stress, is described here. Stress is a psychological term, which can be defined as a feeling of strain and pressure. Stress can be both helpful as well as harmful for human beings. There are two types of stress:-

  • Positive Stress.
  • Negative Stress.


A certain amount of stress can be useful for human body as it can improve the athletism of the body and can generate the punctualistic characteristic in your body. It becomes a vital factor in the fields of giving  motivation , adaptation and reaction to the situation that stands before you. Individual stress is defined by individual’s mindset only, some deals with it positively and some negatively. The stress for which a person is benefited and gain a lot of positive things is said to be a positive stress.



In general, people think stress as a negative entity which demoralises them and push them back at their fields. But excessive amount of stress is dangerous, it can lead to strokes,heart attacks and even mental illness. Such pressures or discomforts are categorized into negative stress. This type of stress generally arise when a person thinks that he/she is incapable of coping with the situation which he/she is dealing with.

Stress can be external as well as internal. External stress is related to environment whereas internal stress is due to internal perception of a person.

Thus stress can defined by three  basic terms:-

  • Stimuli
  • People
  • Situations

To reduce stress one must be able to cope with every situations that comes in his/her way.

How to reduce stress naturally?

Stress can be said as a silent killer. It can’t be avoided or eradicated but can be dealt with easily.

Some natural ways to deal with stress or to reduce stress , are as follows:-


  • Daily Exercise is a must for an active and relaxed mind.
  • Controlling all sorts of unhealthy desires which are harmful for health.
  • Give enough rest to your mind and body.
  • Must maintain a healthy and a richful antioxidant diet.
  • Must learn to cope and handle with ever situation.
  • Sleep at proper time and wake up early in the morning.
  • Always laugh out loud.
  • Must go for extra curricular activities such as playing , yoga etc.

By following these natural methods , you can easily master the technique to get relieved of stress.

How to get rid of stress?

Stress sometimes can affect the balance of state of your mind and can guide you to do some erroneous activities for which you can be penalized.

So to get rid of these stress , you can practise these simple and easy steps:-

  • Always think positively and cope with every situations calmly.
  • Don’t indulge in any sort of discomforting activities.
  • Give proper rest to your body and mind.
  • Proper and healthy diet is a must.
  • Control all bad and unimportant emotions and desires.
  • Exercise and meditations must be a part of your daily activity.
  • Healthy and good habits show an active and healthy state of mind.
  • Laugh out loud and smile.
  • Mixing and spending time with other people of different religious aspects also frees a lot of stress from mind.
  • Enjoying natural beauties and spending time outdoor also relieves you from stress.

How to reduce stress at work naturally?

 Sources of stress at work:-

  • Not getting required result as expected.
  • Not satisfied with the salary.
  • Cannot take decisions at work.
  • Pressure from higher posts.
  • Conflict between opinions of different people.
  • Extra work load.
  • No profits from the work, etc.

To reduce these kind of stress naturally:-

  • Companies and organisations must organize a weekly yoga or exercise day.
  • Company’s head must keep a track of all the problems faced by his employees and must try to fulfill it.
  • Must always think positively.
  • All employees of the company must be given a day per week as a holiday to get relieved from stress and enjoy their personal time.
  • Employees get together party must be organised every month to make sure that the company is thinking for the well being of its employee.
  • Learn to take the load which you can cope with, extra load becomes stressful, etc.


How to relieve stress and anxiety fast?

Anxiety is just similar to stress, It’s an emotion which arouses due to the worried and stressed thoughts and feelings. Anxiety can be for short period or for long period. Anxiety always discourages people from taking  a step or facing any type of situations .

A person filled with anxiety is always stressed , So stress and anxiety is always interlinked with each other.To get relieved of those kind of emotions or feelings fast, you should follow these steps:-

  • You should learn to give response to everything in a relaxed manner, which decreases the muscle tension and in return decreases the level of stress hormone in our body.
  • Always breathe deeply, and during stress breathe deeply intentionally, that relieves pressure from your mind.
  • Always know your level and act, as taking much workload ownself without others help leads to more stress and anxiety.
  • Give away the habits of addiction such as caffeine, tobacco etc.
  • Maintain a track of problems and solve them individually, this will gradually decrease your stress.

Stress relief foods, games and activities?

Stress can be relieved when a person is provided with good and healthy food.

And if a person is provided with the foods which are generally loved by him/her, then he will forget all his/her stress and enjoy the moment. Similarly during games and physical activities,a person forgets about everything and concentrates on his game and enjoys those moments. Thus, these are the important factors for deviating a person away from stress.


Stress relief techniques?

Stress is known as a silent killer. It can harm us a lot in different possible ways. It does not allow us to balance in a single and steady state of mind. So below are some stress relief techniques which can be of great help to you:-

  • List all problems and solve them individually.
  • Manage every works calmly and try to cope up with each and every situation that comes in your way.
  • Always breathe deeply during stressed state.
  • Always prefer healthy diets and good foods.
  • Exercise and meditate on a daily basis.
  • Always think positively.
  • Self Caring is most important as if your body remains healthy then you can handle everything with a healthy state of mind.


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