A home is a place where we stay and spend most of our time. We always want our house to look good. Giving a good look to the house builds confidence and creates positive vibes. Some people may not have that much budget to give a makeover to their house. You can give a makeover to your house by doing the simple home decoration.

Some of the simple home decoration ideas are reclaiming an awkward place, using throw pillows to spice up your pillows, creating an accent wall, investing in one furniture focal point, giving some green effect to your place, adding some colour and combination lights and preferring sturdy furniture.

Creative Home Decoration Ideas

Some of the ways by which you can decorate your house creatively are

1. Reclaim an awkward space

If you have a empty space in any part of your house like near the entryway, corners of the living room or bedrooms and near the fridge that is in your kitchen.

In the entryway you that is near the shoe box you can keep a desk next to the shoe box and you can keep your helmets on it. You can also add a chair next to the shoe box so that it would be easy to put on your shoes sitting. On the wall of the entryway, you can put on a hook to hang the keys of your house or vehicle and you can hang masks on one hook so that it would be easy to wear and you won’t forget.

Living some gap you can also add a sofa so that if any visitors like strangers come to your house to discuss some things you make them sit on the entryway itself. Coming to the living room in one corner you can create a cosy look by keeping small sofa or a chair and spread some matte finish mat on the sofa matching your living room theme.

You can also put a mat on the floor in front of the sofa or chair. You can keep some indoor plants next to the sofa and some candles with a good fragrance on the desk. You can add some painting photos on the wall to give it a good look. When you get bored you can read your books or do your office work on this corner.

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The same thing can be done in the corner of your bedroom. You can add a bed light so that it gives a more cosy look in the bedroom. Awkward space in the kitchen can be created by adding a desk next to the fridge and you can keep drawer-like containers to keep snack items. You can add fruits in basket containers to give them a good look.

2. Use Throw Pillows To Spice Up Your Setting

Even though you don’t change the furniture once in a while, you can add throw pillows on the sofa. You can choose bold colours and patterns. You can change the colours of the pillows now and then. It gives a refreshing look to your house.

3. Create An Accent Wall

If you don’t like to add wallpapers all over the walls of your house then you create an accent wall. An accent wall is nothing but adding portraits on the wall. You can add photographs of nature or paintings of great artists. Adding these gives a rich look to your house.

4. Invest In One Furniture Focal Point

When visitors come to your house they mostly sit in the living room and focus mainly on the living room and create a rich look so that your hard work would be seen. You can do less decoration on other rooms depending on your budget. Highlight one wall in the living room and the wall around the television unit. Don’t keep too many things on the television unit as it might look messy. Keep it simple as far as possible. Don’t bombard the living room with too many ideas.

5. Give some green effect to your place

Add plants to your living room, bedroom and bathroom. Indoor plants give a purifying air which in turn leads to a healthy lifestyle. It is also easy to maintain and sets a good temperature in your house.

6. Add some colour

Use decent and soothing colours to give charms to your house. Buy colourful objects or you can also paint on the existing wooden furniture. Even if it is a curtain, rug, wall or piece of bedroom furniture adding some colour gives a new touch and feel to the room.

7. Use a combination of lights

These days light technology is so developed that there are different sizes, patterns and colours of light available. Use warm lighting in the living room as it gives a calm look or you can add coloured lighting to see the real magic unfold. Use the perfect combination of lights because too much lighting can give a dull look to the space.

8. Use Recycled Products

Use recycled products as it is eco friendly and prevents damaging the world. You can use used bottles, old papers and fabric. You can use used bottles in vases and planters and fabric in sofa covers. This saves your money and gives an aesthetic appeal look to your house.

9. Select That One Piece Of Furniture

We all may have one piece of furniture that might be our favourite. Adding this kind of furniture gives uniqueness to the space. It might be antique furniture or it might reflect your personality and it enhances your lifestyle too. Old school shelves or dramatic doors are the best examples of home decor ideas.

10. Make The Walls Your Gallery

If you or anyone at your home is good at art you can frame it and hang it on the walls. You can also add your photos by hanging them on the wall. Adding family photographs not only shares the bond but attracts visitors too.

11. Prefer to buy sturdy furniture

Use study furniture as it helps in keeping the place wiser. It also stays for years. In this way, you need not change the furniture quickly.

How to decorate a room with handmade things?

You can decorate your room by taking a piece of paper and cutting it like strings. You can make hearts, starts etc and stick them on the wall. You can also use different coloured papers. Keep the used bottle as a vase and do some painting on it and keep some plants on the sides. You can add fairy lights and dream catchers too to your room.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I decorate my home with simple things?

You can decorate your home using plants, adding mats and rugs, adding mirrors on the wall, changing the lighting and tossing the pillow on the sofas. Try to keep the tv unit simple by not keeping many things on it as it might look messy.

2. How can I decorate my home with low budget?

You can use simple cushion covers, frame your portraits, keep plants on used bottles, and De-clutter all the unnecessary things. If you want to lower the budget for decoration avoids keeping fancy items.

3. How can I decorate my home fast?

You can decorate your home fast by painting walls of your choice, arranging sofas and chairs neatly, allowing the sunlight to brighten up your kitchen, and dimming the lights in the bedroom at night. You can also add cosy screens and set up candles to give a good feeling.

4. How can I make my house look beautiful?

You can make your house look beautiful by reclaiming an awkward space, throwing pillows on your seating, create an accent wall. You can also add colours to the wall, create wallpapers, use recycled products, make the wall your gallery, and give some green effect to your place.

5. How do you decorate easy?

You can decorate easily by adding rugs or mats, adding colour to the walls, and adding portraits on the wall. You can also keep candle lights for good aroma etc.