How to Reduce Ping: Step by Step Solutions

How to lower ping in online games

How to Reduce Ping generally in games is described here. Ping? Yeah, most of you may not have gone through this term. Don’t worry, here you can enrich your knowledge on ping in detail. Ping is a term that originated in the mid-19th century and its meaning is a short, high-pitched electronic pulse.

It is generally used in networking and digital equipment programming. Ping can be defined as a program over the net to check whether the particular IP address exists or not.

It determines whether the host computer on which the user is working, is operating or not. Ping works on sending ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) over the internet. Too much ping determines great traffic or a bad network. Now below listed are some easy methods to reduce ping and work over the internet easily.

How to Reduce Ping

Ping helps in gaining greater knowledge in your network. But it makes the program slow as it repeatedly sends messages and blocks the speed. To reduce the ping, follow these simple steps:-

How to Reduce Ping

  • Close all the background running apps and programs which are internet-based.
  • Always try to adjust near the router, as it can magnificently reduce the ping.
  • There should be limited no. of connection to a particular IP address.
  • Ethernet cable is more efficient than Wi-Fi, to reduce ping.
  • Must use a good internet package with greater data speed.

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How to Reduce Ping: Way League of Legends

How to Reduce Ping: Way League of Legends Ping Reducer

Lol, Is it Laughing out loud? No, it isn’t. It is League of Legends. It’s a popular game nowadays on PCs as well as on mobiles. But the main worry of users about this game is that its ping is ridiculous. The ping is never stable in this game unless you follow these simple steps:

  • Stop all the background updates that are running on your PC during the game.
  • Your PC must have a graphics card and other requirements that the game needs.
  • Must play in a good server with great speed.
  • Always use an Ethernet cable from a router rather than using Wi-Fi.
  • Adjust the graphics setting of the game to the lowest mode.