How to Reduce Pdf File Size

PDF(Portable Document Format) is format to present and transfer files or documents independent of operating systems.It was invented by “Adobe”, but is now handled by ISO(International Organisation For Standardization). It can include various audio ,video or form field links and buttons. Below enlisted are the methods to reduce pdf file size in windows as well as in mac.

Reducing the size of PDF files benefits a lot to  a user. Generally, when a file is scanned image,it is of a large size which can make the transmission difficult, can increase download and upload times and can take a large storage space.

If we reduce the file size, it benefits us in:-

  • Quick Loading in Search Engines.
  • Faster Downloading and Uploading.
  • Reduction of storage space.
  • Reducing Searching Loads.
  • Bulk Transfe , etc.


How to Reduce Pdf file size?

A PDF file’s size can be reduced online as well as offline. Many offline software such as NXPOWERLITE etc, and tools such as nitro tools, Microsoft Word, File Compressors can be used to reduce the size of pdf file offline. And many online websites are designed for compressing a pdf file such as small pdf online tool, pdf compress etc.

How to Reduce Pdf file Size Mac?

Pdf files have a lot of uses in an organisation for data storing and transferring but a large size can reduce the speed and can take a large storage space. And if you are using mac OS X , you can use two things:-

  • Preview
  • ColorSync Utility

Nowadays, ColorSync Utility is often called a forgotten application.


Now to change the size of pdf file using mac preview, you can follow these simple and précised steps :-

STEP 1- Open the pdf you want to resize in preview app(default pdf viewer app in mac Os).

STEP 2- Select File menu from the menu bar and click on export from the drop down list.


STEP 3- Rename the pdf by typing it in Export As tab.

STEP 4- Select “Reduce File Size ” from the submenu of Quartz Filter


STEP 5- Finally hit on the Save button to save the reduced version of the page.



To reduce a file size using ColorSync Utility, Follow these simple steps:-

STEP 1-  Go to Applications/Utilities and then click on launch ColorSync Utility.

STEP 2-  Select Filters icon from application toolbar and select Reduce Size Filter from the menu.

STEP 3-  Click on the grey-arrow in a circle at right corner.

STEP 4-  And then select Duplicate filter in the menu.

STEP 5-  Now set the “Image Sampling” and “Image Compression” by moving the arrow in that list and your file or image will be resized.

Reducing Pdf file Size Below 100 kb

Generally, reducing a file to what size depends upon the original or source file. But for the better result,you can use desktop software “PDFelement”.

To implement this software upon your pdf files to reduce their size, follow these simple steps:-

1. Open your pdf file.

2. Go to file menu on the menu bar and click optimize option from drop down list.

3. Four options would be available for selecting the quality of image or file.

Web ready–  For converting a file to it smallest size possible to use over the internet.

Office ready– For saving some storage space and useful for sharing pdf files via portable storage media on drives.

Print ready– For converting the file to smallest size but keeps the highest possible quality which gets reflected on printing.

Custom– You can create your own compression setting(customized).

4. Now you can save the new file after renaming it and locating it in the computer.

Pdf Size Converter

 A pdf file can be converted into different sizes using various tools or converters. The size can be altered both by online and offline. Various software has been designed to alter the size of a pdf file. For online means you can use different websites for resizing your pdf file. There are different Pdf size converter such as for large, medium and small files. Files can be text files,images, audio files etc. Large pdf size has a large storage size and can make the sharing difficult but its quality among these three is highest , whereas small pdf size has small storage size and its quality is also lowest. Large pdf file’s size is generally in some MBS whereas small pdf file’s size is in some kbs.

Offline Tools:-

Some offline tools used as pdf size converters:-

  • NXPowerlite
  • Nitro Tools
  • File Compressors , etc.

Some online tools used for resizing pdf files:-

  • Smallpdf .com
  • Softpedia .com
  • PDFResizer .com, etc.

Reduce jpej file size

JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) file is an image which is stored in a compressed format. It generally uses the concept of lossy compression as it generally reduces the image quality noticeably. Jpeg files are generally used to store digital images and web graphics.

Again jpeg file compression has some pros and cones like pdf file compression. A jpeg file when compressed it makes easier for transmission, downloading, uploading, etc. If an email by a user contains large jpeg file, it would be difficult for transmission as well as downloading and uploading. And again if a file is not resized it would take a lot of storage space. By reducing the jpeg file’s size we can overcome these problems and can transfer a bulk amount of data too.

But one of the disadvantage of reducing jpeg image’s size is that, the image’s quality is highly affected and can even lose some important contents. Thus this is generally said to be a lossy compression.

To reduce a jpeg file size using jpeg optimiser, follow these simple steps:-

  • Go to a search engine and search for JPEG optimizer tool.
  • Download and Open the tool and click on browse button.
  • Now select a digital photo which you want to compress.
  • Now entitle your new image with a new compression level and width to resize.
  • Finally click on Optimize photo button to get a new compressed image.

Pdf Compressor Software( Pdf Optimizer )

 Pdf Compressor Software( Pdf  Optimizer ) is a tool to resize or compress a pdf file for fulfilling some user’s purpose.

Compressed or reduced pdf files are easy to transfer and uses very less storage space. It takes very less downloading and uploading  time . These tools can be downloaded over the internet and you can add your files to these tools for resizing.


To optimise your file, follow these précised steps:-

  • Open your pdf file.
  • Go to file menu and select optimise option from drop-down list.


  • Go to settings and select custom mode.
  • Select the type of file, i.e image, font, text etc.
  • Make changes in the setting dialogue box and click on ok button to resize the file

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