A new year’s resolution is one of the most common traditions which is done in the Western world but it is also found in the Eastern world. A new resolution means it is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good and stop doing the bad things on the first day of the year. Some of the new resolution ideas are to focus on Passion, not the way you look, work out to feel good, not be thinner, stop gossiping, give one compliment a day, go whole day without checking your email, start your journal, put your bills on autopay, send more card, make a movie bucket list and practice saying no.

Ideas for New Years resolution

Some of the ideas for new year resolutions are

1. Focus on Passion. Not the way you look

Mik zazon an influencer who is on a mission to normalise normal bodies tells Parade that he wants to inform the readers that resolutions are not an invitation to start a diet or do workouts but it is a beautiful reminder that a new year can bring new life to our passions.

2. Work out to feel good, not be thinner

Do exercises and diet regularly to feel good for yourself but not in the fact that you should look thin. Find yourself amazing and make sure that the numbers don’t matter to you much.

3. Stop gossiping

People usually gossip mainly to feel superior and many people gossip who feel insecure about themselves and often compare their lives to others. Some people also spend time judging others. Make a resolution to stop gossiping and spread positivity.

4. Give one compliment a day

Try to give compliments to yourself at least once a time in a day or to others. Appreciate your efforts. It builds positive vibes in you.

5. Go a whole day without checking your email

Try not to use your phone or any other gadgets. It keeps your mind free.

6. Start a journal

Write down your thoughts, feelings and insights in a diary. Writing thoughts helps in reducing anxiety, creates awareness and regulates emotions.

7. Put your bills on autopay

Give an end to late bills and pay all your bills on autopay. It is one of the best ways to streamline your bills. Therefore you can raise your credit score, save money and time and can never miss a payment.

8. Send more cards

You can do cards and send them to your loved ones. You can either make a card sending heartfelt messages like saying thank you or happy holidays.

9. Make a movie bucket list

List out the movies you want to watch on the weekends. Pick up your favourite movies and watch them with your partner or the members of your family. This makes you spend some time with your loved ones

10. Practise saying no

Being a pleaser makes it difficult in saying no to things, so put a boundary as it manages the relationship with yourself and others according to psychology today.  It can also help you in focusing on matters no matter what it is.

11. Try a spending freeze

Stop buying all non-essential things. Try to save money. Having the saved money you can clear all the debts.

12. DIY something special

As it is a new year do something special. Do some creative things like making your paintings,  tables etc.

New year resolution ideas for students

Some of the ideas of new year resolutions for students are

1. Create a better work-life balance

It is difficult to take a break if you are taking up responsibilities after school. Therefore create a balance between work, school and family. You can focus on your assignments in the morning and study in the morning and after school in the evening spend time with your family and friends. You can also focus on your schoolwork before going to bed.

2. Practice healthy habits

When practice healthy habits help you focus on the work you do and relieves stress. Take a break time to work out between assignments and homework. You can either do a jog around your neighbourhood or watch a 20-minute workout video and do exercise. You should also follow a nutritious diet by eating fruits and vegetables and having fluids.

3. Get more sleep

Getting good sleep is very essential as it helps you to succeed at school and work. According to health experts, it is necessary to sleep at least 6- 8 hours for adults. To get enough sleep have a balanced diet, avoid using gadgets before going to bed, exercise regularly and keep a consistent bedtime.

4. Limit your coffee intake

Having coffee is good during the day but consuming it too much is bad. Caffeine increases anxiety and makes it difficult to fall asleep. Try to limit it by having one or two cups in a day. You should not have coffee when you are too stressed too.

5. Attend a networking event

Networking event helps you to connect with others among professionals in your field. You can attend events online. Networking helps you to ask questions about the industry or job you are interested in. It helps you to make friends and also provides carrier opportunities.

6. Find a job or internship opportunity

Resolve to apply for an internship so that it helps to know your work faster in the field you are interested in. Whether it is part-time or full-time, make sure you go. If you are not interested in the internship just attend the interview as you will get an idea of the interview scenario.

New year resolution ideas for employees

Some of the ideas of new year resolutions for employees are

1. Take the new normal more seriously

Make an organized routine. It is one of the best times to start the organised station. It also creates a skill by incorporating healthy habits in you.

2. Learn a new skill

It is not wrong learning new things. If you are new to using remote tools learn the way you use them as it makes your work life easier.

3. Be kind to yourself

When things go wrong or are not working don’t harass yourself. Be kind to yourself and give some time for things to get better and find a solution slowly. This makes you avoid stress too.

4. Be professional

Give the value of time for others and yourself by being professional. If your attending the meeting late make sure you go on time.

5. Take up physical activity

After working the whole day set up a time to do exercise. It makes you free from stress and feels fresh.

6. Eat more whole foods

Try to include whole foods in your diet. Whole foods are unprocessed foods. Include unrefined plants like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

7. Limit screen time

Limit the screen time by setting up the timing as it may spoil your health. Instead, read books and think well before going to bed.

New year resolution ideas for teenagers

Some of the new year resolution ideas for teenagers are

1. Be healthier

Motivate your teenagers to be healthier. Being healthier means exercising regularly, avoiding eating junk food, drinking lots of water and tracking calories and steps. Even if they feel overweight they can set their goal to reduce. They can also do yoga, and breathing exercises to feel better.

2. Follow their passion

Allow your teen to do what they are interested in or good at. They might be having very good skills in it. If your teen is good at writing songs but not good at singing they can take the help of a music teacher.

3. Reduce stress

Stress has become a common factor to cause problems in everyday life. If your teenager cannot fall asleep you can make them make this a new year resolution. You can tell them to write thoughts of their ups and downs,  try breathing exercises etc.

4. Improve the grades

You can tell your teen to make it a new resolution. Tell them to put more effort into their study material. If they are not able to improve their grades in the old pattern of study style tell them to change it.

5. Be grateful

Be grateful for whatever you have. It might be their parents, educational opportunities etc. Teenagers must be happy in the present and avoid what may come in future.

6. Reduce screen time

Today’s teenagers are more addicted to mobiles and laptops. Tell your teenagers to make it a resolution to use it minimally.

New year resolution ideas for couples

New year resolution ideas for couples are

1. Do something new every month

Make a new year resolution with your partners like travelling to a new city every month, learning something new together, trying a new food or doing an exciting activity together. When you do these things together it creates more understanding and bonding with each other.

2. Institute a weekly date

Though you have more work sit with your partner and watch movies together and have dinner dates. Make it a new year’s resolution.

3. Remember the little things.

Even though you romance often, compliment each other and sent text messages and gift some little things to each other as it brings a lot of happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the five most popular new year resolution ideas

A new resolution means it is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good and stop doing the bad things on the first day of the year. Some of the popular new resolution ideas are to lose weight, save money, diet regularly and exercise regularly.

2.  What are new year resolution ideas for students

Create a better work-life balance
Practice healthy habits
Get more sleep
Limit your coffee intake
Attend a networking event
Find a job or internship opportunity

3. What are new year resolution ideas for employees

Take the new normal more seriously
Learn a new skill
Be kind to yourself
Be professional
Take up physical activity
Eat more whole foods
Limit screen time.

4. What are new year resolution ideas for teenagers

Be healthier
Follow their passion
Reduce stress
Improve their grades
Be grateful
Reduce their screen time