How to reduce image size and its step by step representation, is described here. An image is a two-dimensional entity captured by some optical device and can be presented by some resolutions.

It’s an artifact that depicts the visual description of an object of which the image has been taken. It can be of jpeg,bmp, gif, or png form. Image size is generally measured in KBS or MBS. The size of an image can be increased as well as decreased according to the need of user using various tools. These tools include many image optimizers and resizers. The image can be resized both online and offline. Generally, when an image is scanned image, it is of a large size which can make the transmission difficult, can increase download and upload times and can take a large storage space.

If we reduce the image size, it benefits us in:-

  • Quick Loading on the Internet.
  • Reduction of storage space.
  • Faster Downloading and Uploading of image over the internet.
  • Reducing Searching Loads.
  • Bulk Transfer, etc.

But one of the disadvantages of reducing image size is that the quality of image decreases.

How to Reduce Image Size?

Having a problem with large image size?Don’t panic, Given below are some simple steps to reduce the size of the image:-

Image size can be reduced using paint, photoshop etc. offline and online you can reduce the image size by using various online tools in, etc.

Most convenient way to reduce image size,

To reduce image size using paint:-

  • Open paint from the start menu.
  • Select the image, right click on it and open with paint.

  • Click on resize button at the top.

  • Make the alteration by changing percentage or pixels horizontally and vertically.
  • Now save your changes and get your reduced size of the image.

To reduce image size using photoshop:-

  • Open Adobe Photoshop and choose the image.
  • Select image size and change the pixels of the image in inches or centimeters.

  • Click on the ok button to save the changes.

How to Reduce Image File Size in Kb?

To reduce image file size in KBS we can use free programs on Windows or Mac platform. On windows, adobe photoshop, Microsoft paint can be used to resize an image. Many online tools such as LunaPic is a photo editor which helps in reducing the image file size in KBS. Similarly, on mac, preview application can be used to resize an image. But decreasing an image’s size affects its resolution but it doesn’t mean that increasing the size of an image file will increase its resolution.

Method to Resize Image File Size Online in Kb

Don’t have any pre-installed applications for resizing an image file? Don’t worry, Following are some simple steps which you can follow to resize am image online:-

Many online resizer websites help in resizing the size of an image.

Websites like,, etc use various kind of tools to resize images over the internet.

Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

Image size can be reduced using various offline and online tools.  Decreasing image size doesn’t mean that the resolution will definitely decrease. Paint can be used to reduce image size without decreasing the quality of an image.

Simple steps to achieve this target:-

  • Open the image you want to reduce the size with paint.
  • Click on resize button at the top.
  • Finally, change the pixels and percentage to modify the size of the image file. Then save the new image file.


Way to Compress an Image to 10kb, 20kb & 100kb

JPEG image files can be compressed using JPEG optimizer to convert these files under 100kb.

Now some easy steps to compress the image using jpeg optimizer are as follows;-

  • Download the jpeg optimizer and open it.
  • Click on browse button and select the image you want to.

  • Now fix the compression level and new width of the image a click on optimize photo
  • Now your image is compressed to lowest possible size.

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