How To Reduce Image File Size: Step By Step Process

How to reduce image size

How to reduce image file size and its step-by-step representation is described here. Image? Yes, all you must be familiar with is this word. Here go, there go image captured and posted on various social media. Now wait do you know about the image file? No, Don’t worry this blog will enrich your mind with a lot of knowledge regarding image files, their sizes, and how to reduce their sizes and their benefit.

An image file is a collection of digital data called images and those are captured by a digital instrument.

An image file can be of many formats such as a jpeg/JFIF file, gif file, BMP file, png file, etc.

How to reduce image file size?

The need of reducing the size of an image file is as follows:-

  • Quick Loading on the Internet.
  • Reduction of storage space.
  • Faster Downloading and Uploading of images over the internet.
  • Reducing Searching Loads.
  • Bulk Transfer, etc.

Forgetting the advantages, we have got a disadvantage of reducing image file size, that is of losing the quality of images in that file. But it does not mean that on increasing the file size, the quality of the image increases.

But do you know how to reduce the file size? No, Don’t worry the below-listed steps give a detailed description of how to reduce the size of an image file.

Step by step process to reduce image file size

The image file can be reduced both online and offline. Offline, you can use MS Office, and online you can use various net tools on the websites like,, etc.

One of the easiest and convenient ways to reduce image file size is by using MS Office, If you are not aware of the steps to reduce the size of the image file using MS Office, then do follow these steps:-

How to reduce image file size

  • Open your image file in the Microsoft office application and select the images you want to reduce size.
  • Select picture tool in the up and from there click on the format tab
  • In the Adjust group, click compress pictures.
  • Now under the resolution, reduce the resolution you want to and then click on ok.
  • And save the file at last and your new image file with the reduced size is ready.

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Compress Png (resize png)

PNG(Portable Network Graphics) is an image format that enhances lossless data compression. It is developed in extension to gif format. It is a single image format. It can also be resized both online and offline.

To compress a png format file, you should follow these simple steps:-

  • Browse over the internet and go to
  • Upload the png image you want to resize and select create a new version of this image.
  • Set the required resolution and click on the download
  • A final click on the download link to download the image file with reduced size.

Compress Pdf to 100kb

Generally, reducing a file to what size depends upon the original or source file. But for a better result, you can use desktop software “PDFelement”.

Compress Png (resize png)

To implement this software upon your pdf files to reduce their size, follow these simple steps:-

  • Open your pdf file.
  • Go to the File menu on the menu bar and click optimize option from the drop-down list.
  • Four options would be available for selecting the quality of the image or file.
  • Web-ready– For converting a file to it smallest size possible to use over the internet.
  • Office ready– For saving some storage space and useful for sharing pdf files via portable storage media on drives.
  • Print-ready– For converting the file to the smallest size but keeping the highest possible quality which gets reflected on printing.
  • Custom– You can create your own compression setting(customized).
  • Now you can save the new file after renaming it and locating it on the computer.

Image Optimizer (image optim)/Jpeg Optimizer

Image optimizer is a tool used to optimize the images in an image file. It can be downloaded over the internet for free. It is the most convenient method to resize the image file.

Image Optimizer (image optim)/Jpeg Optimizer

Jpeg Optimizer is an online tool used for resizing images and image files easily. Choose the image file and set compression and change the width and click on optimize photo button. Your image will be resized.

Compress an Image File to KBS/20 KBS/100 KBS

Compressing an image helps in a lot of fields such as quick transfer, upload, download of files. Helps in the bulk transfer of data through a single file.

This compression to the smallest size can be possible by the same jpeg optimizer mentioned above. It is the most convenient compressor for files and can be used to convert a file to its lowest possible size.

Compress an Image File to KBS/20 KBS/100 KBS

In the above picture, we can notice the difference in the size of the gif before and after compression which is significantly affected.

Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

The image size can be reduced using various offline and online tools.  Decreasing image size doesn’t mean that the resolution will definitely decrease. Paint can be used to reduce image size without decreasing the quality of an image.

Simple steps to achieve this target:-

  • Open the image you want to reduce the size with paint.
  • Click on resize button at the top.
  • Finally, change the pixels and percentage to modify the size of the image file. Then save the new image file.

Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality