How To Celebrate Christmas Eve At Home In Different Ways?

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Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The word Christmas comes from the mass of Christ or Jesus. It means a mass service which is also called communion or Eucharist where the Christians believed that Jesus gave up his life for us and came back to life.

Not only Christians celebrate Christmas but Christmas is celebrated all over the world. On this day people go to the church to pray, decorate the house and have feasts with their families. To know how to celebrate Christmas at home you can take time to reflect, pray or go the church,

Spend time with your family and friends, bake or create, the gift of giving, keep the love going, sing carols, start a tradition and see the lights.

Different ways to celebrate Christmas

1. Take time to reflect

Wake up on Christmas morning and spend some time with your family. Talk to your kids about why Christmas is celebrated, its meaning etc. You can also tell your kids to think about what they have been grateful for in the past years.
You can also spend some time thinking about all the blessings in your life.

2. Pray or go to Church

Dress nicely and go to church Light candles and sing carols. Whatever you want to do you do but don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas.

3. Spend time with your family and friends

Celebrate your time with your family and friends on the day of Christmas. If you know someone alone on this day invite them to your house and celebrate together.

4. Bake or create

Bake some cookies, chocolate moulds and cakes to enjoy with your family. You can also share these Christmas goodies with your relatives and friends. It is also an effective way and costs you less rather than buying it from the shop.

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5. The gift of giving

You can give gifts and donate food to the poor. Giving gifts gives happiness, especially to the people who don’t have anything in life. You can go to an old age home, meet underprivileged or handicapped children and donate gifts and food to them.

6. Keep the love going

We are really blessed as we buy whatever we like or want. Try to give gifts as you may also receive from others. If you find those gifts no longer use give them to the people who need them.

7. Create your crackers

Spend some time with your family members by creating your crackers. One thing is a benefit that you can pick up your gifts.

8. Christmas carols

Singing Christmas carols gives a Christmas vibe to your song. Sit with your family and friends and sing together. It brings joy and happiness and celebration modes to your house.

9. Start a tradition

For Christmas decorate your house completely, cook nice meals and invite your family and friends for lunch or dinner and enjoy the day. You can also keep a Christmas tree and decorate it with bells and stars and keep some gifts in front of it and give it to everyone. You can sing carols together and read Bible.

10. See the lights

There are some streets where decorations will be done in a very beautiful way. You can go with your family to watch the lights. All kinds of stalls with Santas and Christmas trees will be seen. You can have fun watching and exploring these kinds of places with your family.

Morning meetings Christmas activities

You can celebrate Christmas day activities by doing

1. Take a hike

It is really beautiful to go out and watch nature at any time of the year. Never mind if it is a snowy place or not North or south, go out with your family on a hike. You will feel fresh.

2. Dress up your pet

Dress up your cat or dog. Of course, they may not like this but dressing up them will make everyone laugh and the pets will feel more like a member of your family. You can also feature your pet in the annual Christmas card. Make sure that you involve your pet in your celebration whether you put on a dress for them or not.

3. Make homemade hot chocolate

You can make a homemade chocolate drink in a chilly winter. You can serve it with a mug and some marshmallows. Instead of watery package types make hot chocolate recipes. This would also be a great gift to give others

4. Go ice skating

You can have a snow party with your friends serving cookies, and hot buttered rum with vanilla ice cream balls. If there is no snow no problem, you can throw on a scarf and make a porch party.

5. Go Caroling

Gather with your friends and kids around your neighborhood and sing a few of your favourites. Don’t worry about the tune but enjoy singing with good enthusiasm.

6. Build a snow person

Not only kids but we as elders can go and play in the snow. Make a snowman, snowwoman, dog and cat and enjoy making it with the kids.

7. Host an open house

If you can’t arrange a full-scale party you can have a simple open house party. Keep your house door open and allow people to wish and greet you. You can also give appetizers like cocoa bars to the people who come in.

8. Decorate with live plants

You can have holiday plants all over your house as it brings some cheer into the house. You also have Christmas cactus as it lives for decades and requires less effort.

9. Participate in an annual day drive

Check out with a local library or your child’s school whether they are holding on the toy drive. If not you can arrange it in your neighbourhood or in-house and start the collection.

How to celebrate Christmas Eve at home

You can celebrate Christmas Eve at home by doing

1. Host a cookie exchange

Cookie exchanges are fun parties in which you show your creativity by meeting up with your family and friends. It would be great if you involve the little ones too.

2. Throw a Christmas party

You can have a party on Christmas eve with your family and friends. You can decorate your house all around. You can also arrange a Santa as the kids will enjoy.

3. Create a Santa key

The little ones may wonder about Santa’s arrival. You can turn their questions into an activity on Santa’s arrival which might be interesting and you can create a Santa key.

4. See some Christmas lights

Some of the streets for Christmas will be decorated well. You can go with your family and friends. You can also take some snacks with you and enjoy spending time.

5. Attend a church service

You can visit the church on Christmas eve. You can also dress well and spend time in the church with your friends and family.

How to make Christmas special for adults

To make Christmas special for adults follow these ways.

1. Make spiked hot cider/ cocoa

You can make a festive cocktail as it brings cheer and spirit throughout the celebration. You can also add a touch of peppermint schnapps to hot cocoa and top it with whipped cream and use custom photo mugs. You can also sit and watch a movie and sing carols.

2. Set up a Christmas photo booth

You can set up photo booths by setting up selfie frames and cameras and get your party started. You can click wonderful pictures in these photo booths.

3. Host your paint and sip

You can buy some paintbrush, and blank canvas and try painting at home. You can test your creativity. There are online videos where you can see and learn too.

4. Enjoy a drive-in movie

You can go with your partners or family to drive to theatres. You can enjoy watching a movie and spending some time with your family by doing this.

5. Host an eggnog tasting

You can have an eggnog party. You can also tell the guests to bring their favourite beverage for a wider menu.

How to spend Christmas as a couple?

As a couple, you can spend Christmas by

1. Start a new tradition

You can have a cocktail party with your close friends and relatives. You can decorate your house more creatively according to recent trends.

You can also have dinner at your favourite restaurant.

2. Volunteer to help others

You can give something in the form of gifts to the poor, handicapped or old age homes. This brings joy to the people who don’t give and will bless us.

3. Change the Christmas rules

Instead of waking up early and spending the entire day in the kitchen cooking, wake up with no stress, cooking freely and playing music and enjoying and having a romantic walk with your partner and also playing board games.

4 Travel escape explore

Try to go on trips and spend some time with your family. It is a memory as you will remember the day you travelled.

Ten reasons why we celebrate Christmas

1. To save sinners
2. To bring light to a dark world
3. To be made like his people
4. To destroy the devil and his works
5. To give eternal life
6. To be a great joy.
7. To demonstrate humility.
8. To preach the gospel
9. To bring judgement
10. To give his life as a ransom for many