House Warming Ceremony Decoration Ideas

House Warming Ceremony Decoration Ideas - How To Reduce

Everyone loves to buy a house. Buying a house is the biggest achievement whether they are rich or poor, youngsters or retired people. These people want to occupy the house on an auspicious day. A Housewarming ceremony is an act of worship to get some positive vibes into the house.

People do housewarming before occupying the house that is just after construction or if they have brought a house that is already ready. When we do a housewarming ceremony, it takes out all the negative energy and protects the family who is going to live in the house. During the housewarming ceremony, the owner of the house invites their relatives and friends to come and bless them.

It is officially a get-together. During the housewarming ceremony, the house is decorated very beautifully, and people also worship God to bless them. Decoration for the housewarming ceremony can be done simply or grandly. It is based on your preferences.

Traditional Style Housewarming Decoration

To do a traditional style housewarming ceremony, you can decorate your house beautifully using these.

Traditional Marigold Floral Décor

Marigolds are used commonly for any kind of decoration whether it is for housewarming ceremonies, weddings, or any other cultural festivals. Marigolds give a good look to the house and get a positive vibe of energy into the house. There are white, yellow, orange, and colored marigolds.

For making a marigold you need a needle and thread, attach the flowers one by one to the thread and when you feel it is enough, you can tie a knot at the edge and cut the remaining thread. You can hang all the marigold garlands at the entrance of your house, staircase, ceilings, wall backgrounds, etc. You can also make a combination of white marigold flowers with deep green leaves.

Artificial Gold Leaf Decor

Adding artificial gold leaf gives a richer look to your house’s warming ceremony. This is kept at the entrance of the house and the pooja room. You can reuse it once again once the ceremony is over either for birthdays or any other functions. It appears to look like a golden leaf shining brightly.

Ganesh Idol with Roses

Ganesh Idol with Roses - How To Reduce

Keep the Idol of the lord Ganesh or goddess Lakshmi to attract wealth and prosperity to your new home. You can decorate the god’s idol with flowers all around. You can use flowers like roses or additionally you decorate loose rose petals near gods’ feet. Keep the god near the living room of your house.

Ceiling and Floor Décor

You can also decorate the ceiling of your house by adding cane baskets for your housewarming ceremony. You can choose your basket according to your preference and you hang these baskets in your house. You can add some full flowers into the basket. It gives a good look and appears to look like a window garden. You can create a good look by alternating with round baskets in other corners with flowers in them.

Flower Arches and Bouquets

Flower Arches and Bouquets - How To Reduce

You can use floor arches and bouquets for all kinds of occasions. Even if you use the flower arches many times it still appears to look good and reuse them for decorations. It is one of the easiest ways to decorate your house. You can also give Indian touch and style to these flower arches and bouquets. You can add floral arches and bouquets all around the house. A bouquet with fresh flowers gives a very good look. It gets a sweet aroma into the house and also gets all kinds of positive vibes into your house.

Flower Curtains

Create a certain curtain kind of look by adding flowers in long lines. You can use the flower curtains as a divider which can separate the area where you worship from the remaining areas where you want to celebrate.

Brass and Flowers

Brass and Flowers decoration - How To Reduce

You can combine using brass and flowers in a very creative style. You can take a brass decorative bowl. It is also available in different sizes, add some water and add some flowers. You can also use some brass pots by adding some flowers and putting enough flowers so that it looks like floating.

Flower Backdrop

Using flower backdrops in functions has been very trending these days. It not only captures good pictures but also gives a good feel even in areas where the space is very less. Take some roses to make a backdrop. You can also make floral designs with some loose rose petals. By adding these, It gives a brighter look and stronger feeling all around your house.

Floral Rangoli

You can also make your floral rangoli for your housewarming ceremony. You can use colorful Rajasthani umbrellas at the entrance of your house by adding some Diya’s. It gives a brighter and more elegant look. You can also use coloured rice, paints, coloured sand to do this rangoli. You can use mango leaves, neem leaves, and Diya stands covered with flowers to give a more attractive look.

Floral Aisle For Home Entrance

You can also create a very good look at the entrance by creating a flowered walkway that leads to your house. It creates a good look for welcoming you and your guests into the house. You can use loose rose petals and marigold flowers in between to create a walkway.

House Décor with Shimmery Lights

You can use lights all over the house. It gives a good feel and a brighter look. Adding shimmery lights create a positive vibe all around the house. Using these lights will give an elegant look for your new home.

Dainty Floral Nets For Home Décor

You can use floral nets which appear hanging on the walls of your house. It gives a richer look to your house and is also adorable. Using floral nets is very trending these days and is used in many events.

Balloon Decoration For Housewarming Ceremony

You can also decorate your house with colorful balloons all around the house for your housewarming ceremony. You can hand the balloons using a stand or tape. By adding the balloons, it gives an extra liveliness to your house from children to elders who will love the balloon decoration. You can do balloon decoration for any style of housewarming ceremony. For the Kid’s room, you can use halogen balloons to fly in their room. It gives a cute smile on the kid’s face.

Modern Style of Housewarming Ceremony

For the modern style of housewarming ceremony, you can decorate your house by doing.

House warming ceremony - How To Reduce

Garden Theme

You utilize the backyard, lawn, or a big terrace in your new house. You can arrange some sofas and pillows along with that you can serve exotic food. Follow this decoration if the housewarming ceremony is in summer or spring.

Plan Games

You can also plan games for your guests so they don’t get bored. You can make the guests play tambola housie, musical chair, etc. You can also give an exciting gift to the winner that makes the guest excited, and they will remember it forever.