How to Reduce Friction and its advantages are described here. Friction? This may be a common term for all of you. Do you remember those school days when friction problems were hard to solve? Leave those. Now let’s enlighten with some friction’s knowledge.

Friction is a resistive force on the relative motion of the body on a solid surface or fluid layers or can be due to the materials sliding against each other.

It generally opposes the motion and decelerates a body on a surface. Friction is present in every matter, in some cases it may be less and in some cases, it may be more. There are many types of frictions, they are:-

  • Dry Friction
  • Fluid Friction
  • Lubricated friction
  • Skin friction
  • Internal friction etc.

In the actual world, without friction, we can’t hold anything. Friction in many cases can be useful and in some cases, it can be dangerous too. If you want to reduce friction provided by a surface, then follow the simple steps mentioned below.

How to Reduce Friction?

Friction can be referred to as “a necessary evil”. It can be useful as well as dangerous. Enlisted below are some points to reduce friction:-

How to Reduce Friction

  • Make the surface smoother where you want to reduce the friction.
  • Make the object more streamlined so as to decrease the air and water friction.
  • Lubricate the surface with some oils where you want to decrease the friction.
  • Reduce the forces acting on the surface where you want to reduce the friction.
  • Make the surface and the matter contact-free or reduce the contact between the surfaces so as to reduce the friction.

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Causes of Friction

Friction is generally caused due to the following points:-

  • More and stronger molecular adhesion between the surfaces.

How to Reduce Friction: Causes

  • Increasing the stickiness of the material.
  • The roughness of the surfaces.
  • Deformations in the surface generally become an obstruction and hence increase friction.

Advantages of Friction

In your daily life friction plays an important role and those are as follows:-

Advantages of Friction

  • Without friction, it is not possible to hold and handle any substance.
  • On slippery surfaces, friction helps you to hold and walk.
  • Friction helps us to write on notebooks and boards.
  • Every substance rests in its place because of friction or else a coffee mug when kept on a table may slide down easily.
  • Friction in the air helps in burning down asteroids that fall into the earth’s atmosphere.