How to Reduce Fever | Home Remedies to Reduce Fever

How to reduce fever in adults, infants, pets etc., is described here.In a human being, the normal temperature is 37.5-38.3 degree celcius(99.6-100.9°F). Anything more than  that , arouses a condition in a person, which is known as fever. Fever is also known as pyrexia, which is defined as the ranging of temperature more then the normal body temperature which arouses a feeling of sickness. During fever, the muscle contraction occurs and a feeling of cold arouses and to counter balance it a lot of temperature is generated. After coming to normal temperature, a person starts feeling hot and sweats a lot. Fevers can be viral, bacterial, parasital etc depending upon their source. During fever the temperature of the body can maximize upto 41°C -42°C only and not more than that.

Are you being tensed about your fever? Don’t  worry, Listed down are some stages of fever and their cure:-

How to Reduce Fever in Adults Naturally ?

When an infection occurs in your body, Fever is the best way to fight against it.A fever can be figurerised in an adult by the symptoms such as sweating, shivering, headaches, feeling weak etc.

Now some easy natural ways to reduce fever in adults are as follows:-

  • You should be provided with plenty of rest.
  • Must take a lot of fluids(water) to cool down your body temperature.
  • Must take a light warm water bath(not cool) or must use a water soaked cloth on the forehead.
  • Must take light foods which are easily digestible.
  • Avoid bulky dresses during fever.

How to get Rid of Fever in Infants?

During infancy, a kid is highly prone to fever which may drag it upto other diseases. So at this stage, kids must be nurtured with lot of care and precautions. At normal fever times, try to cool down your baby and hydrate it enough so that the fever should be short lasting. But during high fever, always recommend with doctors(paediatricist) as at this stage children are highly prone to different diseases.

Now, listed below are some important and easy points that you should follow to get rid of fever in infants:-

In medication way, during high fevers an infant must be supplied with acetaminophen.

But for non medicational process(Normal fever):-

  • Firstly the infant must be measured up with a thermometer.
  • Bath your baby with little warm water .
  • Get the kid hydrated enough to counter balance the temperature.
  • Change the clothing of the kid timely when gets soaked with sweat to prevent from infections.
  • Guide your kid not to be restless at those times.

Way to Reduce Fever in Dogs and Cats?


Pets are known as human’s friend and most loved animals whose care , protection is in the hands of it’s owner.

Not only human beings, but also animals suffers from fever. And they should also be maintained and medicated during that period to get rid of fever.

Animals such as dogs and cats have normal temperature ranging from 99.5-102.7°F .

The sources of their fever are as follows:-

  • Infected bites from other animals or insects.
  • Viral diseases or bacterial diseases ongoing.
  • Infected organs such as liver, kidneys etc.
  • Urinary tract infection(UTI), etc.

Is your pet dog or cat suffering from fever ? Don’t worry try to implement the below processes to reduce their fever:-

  • Apply cold water on their paws and below their ears regularly.
  • Keep a track of their temperature intervally.
  • After dropping below 103°F , stop applying water.

But incase of high fever or long fever which is not getting away, Take your pet to nearest Vet for proper treatment.

But remember don’t give human medicines such as paracetamol, aspirin etc. to dogs and cats as they are highly poisonous or toxic for animals.

Home Remedy to Reduce a Fever fast at Home?

Why doctor if a person suffers from a normal fever!  He/She can easily be cured  using these simle and easy processes at home;

  • Place cool or damp cloth over your forehead and take some rest.
  • Take light foods so that it will be easier for you to digest.
  • Drink enough water so that your body doesn’t get dehydrated.
  • Basil and honey juice(in less amount) will work in reducing the fever of a person.
  • Ginger will also be in use for reducing fever, etc.

But remember if the fever isn’t cured in a short time period, Do visit a nearby doctor and take the prescribed medicine from him/her timely.

How to Reduce Fever in Babies/Kids /Toddlers?


Kids generally from the age of 6 months start toddling. When these babies get fever, generally children tylenol, ibuprofen is used to give to the kids.

Is your kid suffering from fever? Don’t panic, Try to be patient and follow these simple steps to get rid of fever in a quick time naturally :-

  • Bath your kid with warm water.
  • Put a watered or soaked cloth on your chids forehead and give him/her some rest.
  • Keep the surroundings near your baby clean so that no infectious disease can spread.
  • Give your child enough water so that he/she won’t be dehydrated.
  • Dress your kid lightly and change the dress when it gets soaked with sweat.
  • Give a light diet so that it will be easier for him/her to digest.

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