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How to Reduce Bloating

How to Reduce Bloating: Step by Step Guide

Bloat means “make or become swollen with fluid or gas”. Abdominal bloating can emerge at whichever age, in general, linked with the functional gastrointestinal disorder otherwise any organic diseases, but
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How to Reduce Phlegm?/ How to Remove it from Lungs?

How to Reduce Phlegm is described here. Phlegm! I am sure most of you haven’t listened to this term. Don’t worry; you will be enriched on the topic of Phlegm in this blog. It is a liquid substance secreted by the mucous membranes of mammals. It is generally produced by the respiratory
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How to Reduce Cholesterol | Home Remedies

How to Reduce Cholesterol and its home remedies are described here. Pizza, Burger, Roll, Maggi, Chowmein? Yummy, I know you have already got a watery mouth. But hold on, Do you know how cholesterol-rich they are? Wait, First of all, tell me what do you mean by the term “CHOLESTEROL”? No, Don’t
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How to reduce body heat

How To Reduce Body Heat & Symptoms

How to Reduce Body Heat and its symptoms are described here. Heat! Isn’t that familiar to you? Oh yes, it is. According to thermodynamics, heat is a form of energy