How to Reduce Air Pollution? / And its Treatment.

How to reduce air pollution and its method are described here. Air Pollution? All must be acquainted with this term. It is generally referred to the contamination of environmental air because of mixing of many harmful solid particles and gases in the air. It affects a lot to the common lifestyle of people. But the main causes of this air pollution is none other than these human beings. Though there is the rapid growth of industrialization, the level of pollution is also increasing at that speed. The main causes of air pollution are as follows:-

The man-made causes(Anthropogenic):-

  • Smokes from power stations and various industries (mostly coal industries).
  • Harmful gases from motor vehicles, airplanes, marine ships etc.
  • Sprays such as deodorants, hair sprays etc.
  • Dumping of wastes and burning the landfills which contain many fibers, plastics, etc. also pollutes the air to a greater extent.
  • Nuclear weapons testing and their use adversely affect the air emitting various poisonous gases.

The natural causes:-

  • The waste product of various animals emits methane which is also a cause of air pollution.
  • Radioactive substance presents deep down earth’s crust when decays emit highly poisonous gases such as radon.
  • Volcanic eruptions also produce harmful gases such as sulfur and chlorine gases which adversely affects the air quality.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxides from forest fires and wildfires are very harmful.

So it is the mankind which must acknowledge the idea of reducing the air pollution and here are some points to achieve it.

How to Reduce Air Pollutions?

  • Reduce the use of industries and automobiles.
  • Use catalytic converters in the chimneys so that the smoke coming out can be purified.

  • Plants are the ultimate savior so plant plants regularly.

  • Minimise the use of electricity and concentrate on building and using solar energy.
  • Use of lead in various industries must be banned as these are the main sources of pollution.
  • Vehicles engine and silencer must be checked at least once in a year as old engines emit a lot of harmful gases.
  • Must follow the motto “Go Green”.

How to Reduce Water Pollution?

Nowadays during the time of pure water crisis, the important topic of how to reduce water pollution has come into limelight.

So the necessary steps to be followed to reduce water pollution are as follows:-

  • Minimize the dumping of industrial wastes in the water bodies.
  • Must dig out ponds in various places so that some fresh water can be conserved.
  • Avoid throwing hazardous metals into the water.
  • Drains in the localities must be cleaned every day so as to minimize the water pollution as well as the infections spread through it.
  • Must not mix petroleum products in water, oil spills must be prevented.

  • Must no spray harmful medicines to sewage tanks through latrine as it can degrade the quality of water nearby.

Ways to Reduce Air Pollution in Cities

As compared to villages, the level of air pollution in cities is much more. The main source of air pollution evolves out from these industrialized cities. Industries in city release heavy amount of harmful gases into the air which affects the quality of air.

To reduce air pollution in cities, following are some measures to be followed:-

  • Public transport must be used frequently and own vehicles implementation must be reduced. It decreases the level of air pollution to some extent.
  • Dumping sites and landfills must be away from the places where human lives.

  • Industries must use catalytic converters on their chimneys to reduce air pollution as it checks the harmful solid particles and gases.
  • Must support the government in every possible way to keep your cities clean(Swachh Bharat Abhiyan).
  • Must reduce the use of deodorants and AC’s as they emit CFC’s which are very harmful to the air.

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